kotor 2 won't run

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User Info: Slash_Kamei

8 years ago#1
i just got a new computer, quad cord hp with vista, and installed kotor 2 without problem. However now the game won't start when I try to run it, I downloaded the patch and installed it and now it does nothing at all. Do I need to reinstall it or what?
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User Info: cogadh

8 years ago#2
Follow the steps here to get the game running on Vista:


User Info: cadillacactor

8 years ago#3
Geez.... does nobody use the search function? There's at least 30 Vista related topics and multiple more can be found when search for "issues", "run", and "help".

Good thing cogadh was feeling nice and linked you. Any less of a person may have said something like, "Search the boards" or "Way to waste our time with a question that's been answered tons already".

Nice guy, that cogadh. He's just top drawer.
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User Info: JamieK1981

8 years ago#4
Cad, stop with the attitude.

if you can't add anything to the topic, don't bother posting.

User Info: cadillacactor

8 years ago#5
Ok, let me re-phrase.

TC, in my gaming experience over the years, I've found that if I have a question that needs answered, I'm typically not the first to have it. After many cases of insult and abuse levied against me for asking oft-repeated and basic questions (i.e. in my early Morrowind days I legit asked, "How do I get to Balmora without using the silt strider) I got to a point where I nearly quit coming here at all.

Then something wonderful happened. GameFAQs implemented a search function, and I had enough karma to use it! Huzzah! Now, rather than face ridicule and abuse, and instead of waiting multiple hours for a post to get responded to, I could search for my question in the message boards and more often than not get an instantaneous response that perfectly satisfied my needs. This reduced flooding the board with newb topics, being called a newb, or even acting like a newb by a long shot.

Now, there are still cases where I need to ask questions (I've even asked on here a time or 7), but I try to make that my last resort. I get quicker answers, and the satisfaction of having somewhat discovered it on my own, rather than just asking.

I apologize if I seemed rude, crass, or full of attitude earlier. The goal of my post, however, was to encourage you to try out the search the function. This is a question, in fact, that has been answered on here many times. Rather than wait for nearly 2 hours for someone to come along (or longer, it's a slow board) and answer your question, you could have had MULTIPLE answers within minutes. I know this because it is what I had to when first installing and playing KOTOR2 on my new laptop with a Vista OS.

Perhaps I was short with you. I apologize, again. I am an adherent to the "give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for his life" philosophy. Let me attempt to show you how to use your GameFAQs fishing pole. It will save you time, and potential frustration at not getting answers or getting smart-aleck answers. When needing a question answered, scroll down to the bottom of the board, type in a keyword or two, and VIOLA! Instant answers. You're welcome.

There. Is that better Jamie? That was both helpful and informative. The fact of the matter is, TC has over 1000 karma and knows all this. If he had just typed the word "Vista" into the search bar he would have had an instant answer rather than waiting for over two hours. He also wouldn't have added another senseless topic to the board. Finally, he wouldn't have wasted anybody's time who wanted to help.

As I said, at least cogadh was feeling more helpful. If it was a new user who couldn't have used the search bar and hasn't been here very long, then I would have been much more helpful. However, this seemed more like another case of showing my 2 1/2 year old how to put his shirt on. No matter how much you try to help, he still won't get it. The same rings true for TC. If a 1000 karma user won't use the search bar for such a simple thing, why be helpful at all? He deserved the attitude. Sometimes there only so much patience go around, and I was just out at the point in the day that I came across his post. My bad.
"There is truly nothing funnier in life then using your Z key to roll a dead grizzly down a big hill, try it some time." - damogamo

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