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User Info: lightwarrior974

3 years ago#1
I encountered him many times, and each he debilitaded and ran away, how am i supposed to win against these?

User Info: itperson

3 years ago#2
iirc, equip your strongest ammo

Transform back to human > Taunt > Pass > Shoot and hope for a Crit > Hunt if you didn't get a crit and it got scared.

User Info: Yasha99

3 years ago#3
To much of a hassle if you ask me which is why I never bothered with them,atleast in the 2nd game killing them is much easier...
Joke topics are for idiots......

User Info: Lamesy

3 years ago#4
They don't always debilitate and then run immediately. Every playhthrough, I've had a few Omoikane that waste a second turn debilitating me again, which is enough time to kill them even if your gun shots don't crit.

Has anyone ever lucked out with a "didn't have time to transform" in an Omoikane battle? That would be hil-air.

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