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User Info: Gumbihead

9 years ago#1
If anyone can find out what the cheat codes for perfect manual and perfect skitch are please be sure to let me know. The two manuals in the Skatopia level are impossible for me to execute without the cheat code for perfect manual balance. THUG 2 is a great game, has plenty of replay value, just like the games that preceded it. Actually the perfect skitch cheat isn't as important as the perfect manual cheat; and it seems strange to me that the only perfect cheat found was the perfect rail. The rest of them are out there, Neversoft can't keep them secret forever can they? All three perfect cheats were available in the first game THUG.

Any help is greatly appreciated,
Andrew Perkins

User Info: dark_minun

9 years ago#2
Now that the game's 4 years old, I think it's safe to say that if any more cheats exist, (probably not,) they will never be found.
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User Info: DukeDevilot

9 years ago#3
It helps if you use focus while you go, though its more hit and miss to accomplish. What level is your Manual?
And I still love this game, keeps me occupied for hours and its a shame theres nobody to talk about it to.

Best bet is getting all the gaps for the rest of the cheats, though I haven't done it yet but theres a neat guide you can print out. Again though, if your not interested in the hassle then the best bet is focus ^^
(Last resort being Action replay!) xD
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