The pre-order items

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User Info: TheOffbeat

8 years ago#1
While I did pre-order and like the bonuses, I can't help but wonder how they are going to implement the armor in the game, will your dwarven commoner have it on him as the game starts?

I could rant a it but i'll just get to the point, if it's an easily obtainable armor, is it superior to other choices in the game?.. I hope not. Getting my hands on superior gear just because i pre-ordered seems a bit to easy for my taste.

Anyhow, the obvious solution to this is "Don't use it." but it got me thinking, is this the kind of bonus we want from pre-orders?
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User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
8 years ago#2
From what we've gathered on the official forums, it's gear you get at the beginning of the game. It's better than other starting armor, but nothing that will last all game. You'll replace it soon enough.
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User Info: Kensai_Arkusai

8 years ago#3
Besides, perhaps, the staff you get with the collector's edition, it doesn't seem like any of the items are much more than really good newbie gear, but poor middle tier, end game gear. That staff MAYBE is middle tier, I don't know, cause I haven't played the game. But nothing seems incredible.

Shale seems really cool though. Powerful too. Reminds me of Vhailor.
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User Info: staylost

8 years ago#4
Not to be a contrarian, but some of the items may be end game gear.

They are correct that most of it is awesome starting gear & some of it is the top mid range gear.

But particularly the helmet included in the CE is rumored to be potential best stuff.


Honestly, I'm kind of irritated at the tons of different preorder bonuses & it is kind of confusing. I really hope there is a download for the complete pack at Christmas or something.

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
8 years ago#5
Nah, I can't see a bonus item ever being endgame worthy.
You can't spell "ignorance" without IGN.

User Info: MonicasBack

8 years ago#6
The helmet is one of the best helmets in the game, the staff is mid game quality.

User Info: ---Cipher---

8 years ago#7

What I don't get is why they include the bonus items when we'll have a tool to make a bikini with X amount of armor and a guy who sneezes for X amount of damage. I personally won't make any items like that myself, maybe just get cool skins for stuff, but I should be able to make them with the toolset. I REALLY doubt that they will be end-game gear anyway, that just seems wrong and cheap imo.

User Info: Rhastafurion

8 years ago#8
I don't care. It's fun to start out with elite gear.

User Info: Hambone2010

8 years ago#9
it would be lame if the gear was good.It should be slightly better then starting gear but no better

User Info: Vagnarok

8 years ago#10
I don't think that I want powerful items just for preordering the game. As a roleplayer I generally like to be as immersed as possible, and part of that immersion comes from a steeper difficulty. If I am presented with overbalanced items from the beginning I think I'll just end up ignoring them, potentially keeping them if they look cool just to wear around town.
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