redcliffe village defense (spoilers?)

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User Info: AHole7000

7 years ago#1
so im at the part where you defend redcliffe, and no more zombies are coming. it's kind of annoying what should i do?
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User Info: CountCristo

7 years ago#2
Are you down at the town or still on top of the hill? If you're at the town, there may be some corpses still walking around. Look around for them. Also, move towards the... blacksmithy, I think? There's a fog-like thingy that you can head towards. I'm not sure whether it's the former or latter that triggers the next part of the quest, so try both.

User Info: spec0688

7 years ago#3
go looking for some near the docks/water. I had 1 stuck there and once I killed him it ended.

User Info: deienv1

7 years ago#4
run down around the docks
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User Info: Planescaped

7 years ago#5
This is a very common problem on both consoles and the PC.

After the fight in front of the chantry the game goes into Limbo. I have seen no concrete fix for this but some claim in subsequent reloads it eventually continues.

Happens to me too.
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User Info: NefariusEdicius

7 years ago#6
lol i'm there right now fighting them and wondering if there's any end to them. i'm worrying that this is going to be one of those parts that you're supposed to lose as part of the story, and you just waste health potions and stuff if you try. but, sure enough, if i die i get game over, so i'm assuming we just have to hold out as long as possible till something happens... hopefully someone else knows

User Info: CountCristo

7 years ago#7
^ er, I tried to answer the question, let me clarify. You're supposed to survive. Use ranged attacks, draw enemy in. Don't charge everything in your sight. Micromanage this battle sequence. It's supposed to be ahh-life-threatening.

User Info: Nito_Musashi

7 years ago#8
there should be a cut scene at some point , after the mobs on the hill thin out and slow to a trickle, guy runs up informs you they are in the village, go down the hill to the campfire they will all bumb rush the troops around there.

User Info: NefariusEdicius

7 years ago#9
yeah, you reply wasnt there b4 i posted. i just beat it :) there was indeed one just standing there
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  3. redcliffe village defense (spoilers?)

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