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User Info: MachineHead10

7 years ago#1

Anyone able to beat this fat slob??

I can get her down to the point where she spawns like 6 mobs + her 4 arms again... by this point i get wrecked and die, any tips on getting past this part?

Im using Morgan to cone of cold her every time its up trying to reduce the damage she does and it seems to work for the most part, is there something else to do to make this easier?

User Info: SammyGamer

7 years ago#2
I beat it pretty easily, but that was thanks to Wynne's spirit healer magics and a fair amount of lyrium potions. I cast Lifeward on Shale, and had it on Stoneheart to draw all the enemies + tentacles to it. Then I just pulled out some good group attack skills (Dual Sweep, Whirlwind) while Oghren wailed on the main boss

User Info: Skelly19

7 years ago#3
Pots and heals my man. I personally took out the tentacles first, killed adds quickly, then worked on that fat SOB. Use health pots when your healer can't keep up, and mana pots when needed.

User Info: jedinat

7 years ago#4

Yeah, by the time I got to her all my chars were heavily injured and I had like no health potions... suffice to say I set the game to easy mode and managed it. If you put your ranged party members way in the back on the rock the tentacles can't reach them. I sat my two mages and archer back there and just keep shooting her, occasionally breaking to kill the warriors she summons, all while the dwarf pummeled her with a hammer. It took a while but wasn't too hard.

On a fun sidenote, after the battle I noticed that my archer's tactics had been set so she was consuming potions whenever her health was >= 10%... For many game hours she had been chugging all my potions at the start of battle.... and I was wondering where they all were going, LOL.

User Info: jedinat

7 years ago#5
Is it just me or was the whole Dwarven section of this game freaking LONG and UGLY and quite DULL? I wiped everything out in all areas of the dark roads (or w/e its called) and it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r....

User Info: SammyGamer

7 years ago#6
I liked it, but then I also did it in chunks. It's a really long one, but there's no reason to do it all at once. Do one area, go out, do some other quests, and then come back for the next. Makes it much more bearable. I loved the amount of enemies here though - there were some really epic-looking battles

User Info: Viper114

7 years ago#7
I did it by the skin of my teeth. When she was almost dead, Morrigan died and I lost my healing. I had to make sure everyone kept using Poultices to survive, but it worked.
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User Info: PinkieWinkie

7 years ago#8

Kill everything and then start working on the tentacles, when they all go underground start wailing on the boss until the tentacles come back up. rinse and repeat

User Info: Cilveran

7 years ago#9
Personally I put Wynne and Morrigan on the stone in front of the beast, cast cone of cold on Brood Mother constantly, and had my Main and Oghren pounding brood mother exclusively. I didn't even bother taking the tentacles or the mobs and they were unable to do any serious damage. The fight is tough though, and I spent a few potions, both health and lyrium.
Normal difficulty on computer.

By the way, the finishing move of a dual wielder on Brood Mother is simply awesome! :D

User Info: chipmunx

7 years ago#10
Considering I ran into that battle low on potions, and already dealing with horrible load times due to memory leak that I couldn't bear going back to Orzammar to sell and restock, I made out okay.

Leliana was the first to die (for some reason I can't find a tactic condition that says "When ally is dead" for Wynn to use), but Alistair and DapperDan held on pretty well, keeping Wynn alive, even though she was eating through the lyrium pots like nothing. Then Alistair, then Wynn went the way of the dodo. DapperDan was on the brink of death, covered in tentacle goo and darkspawn filth, before he managed to clamber up the Broodmother's arm and deliver two brutally powerful blows to the vile thing's face, ending the battle for good.

I'm using an admittedly horrible un-optimized party with everyone but DapperDan on auto-level (this is a horrible mistake in any RPG, do not do this, I am just lazy), but even then I just barely managed to beat her after blowing through all of my pots, some deep mushrooms, some lyrium dust, and the rest of my elfroot.
Gamertag: Fudzie
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