Unlocking Champion [spoiler]

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User Info: AndersK

8 years ago#1

Okay so i am at Andrastes Urn. If i choose not to pour dragon blood into the urn, will i be able to learn Champion somewhere else?

User Info: tordana

8 years ago#2
It's Reaver you get, not Champion. And no, that's the only place to get it.

User Info: sepheroth5

8 years ago#3
Save it, pour blood in, go unlock reaver.

Reload, still have reaver unlocked, don't pour blood in.

Prestige classes stay unlocked through reloads, on all characters. It's a nice trick.

User Info: JulianDark

8 years ago#4
Yep it's a nice trick if you are into achievements in some cases, you choose one path, then reload and go for the other.

User Info: Otacon6669

8 years ago#5

what happens if you dont pour the blood in?

User Info: Otacon6669

8 years ago#6

bump, seriously i want to know this, im at the same part

User Info: Joebear

8 years ago#7

I didnt pour the blood in, I just went to the guardian, he let me into a gauntlet, answered some riddles, fought myself, did a puzzle, and got a pinch of the ashes, then nothing, I went back to redcliffe
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  3. Unlocking Champion [spoiler]

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