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User Info: Venters

7 years ago#1
So Far I've found

Legion of the Dead Armor, which is in the Dead Trenches under Orzammar
Juggernaut Armor From the 4 Reveneants in the Dalish Forest.
Blood Dragon Armor from the Merchant in your camp.

Thats it for full sets.

I've picked up pieces of Effort from all over the place, unfortunately I can't remember where exactly.

Same with pieces of Diligence.

Anyone know any other sets and where to find them?

User Info: Cyricist

7 years ago#2
Diligence? Is that a pair of gloves or boots?

Effort is main armor, right? I found a helmet called Duty. I'm thinking Duty, Effort, Diligence... I wonder what the last piece is called. Also, there's the full Blood Dragon set armor.

And yeah, unfortunately, I haven't found complete sets elsewhere. Though uh, the Rock-Knocker helmet seems to match my Dragonscale armor perfectly. There's also the Warden set armor, but it doesn't have a helmet. There's also the Drakescale armor, but no helmet...

User Info: Venters

7 years ago#3
Well I've found an actual armor called Effort, along with Boots and Gloves of Effort.

I've then found Boots and Gloves of Diligence but no armor so far.

User Info: Venters

7 years ago#4
quick little bump

User Info: j_man01

7 years ago#5
u get the armor before the trials for the ashes

User Info: ughpugh

7 years ago#6
Does anyone know where boots of diligence can be found?

User Info: myates32

7 years ago#7
yeah looking for the helm named duty. Thought I saw that someone had found it. Have any ideas where?

User Info: Foggydog1

7 years ago#8
I remember getting a helmet from the deep roads, crossroads by using the dog
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User Info: Watcher77

7 years ago#9
Warden Commander only has 3 pieces, but it has a set bonus. Figure that counts.

User Info: myates32

7 years ago#10
ok so found duty and have the whole effort set. SWEET.
I'm betting the armor of the legion is in a chest isn't it and not in a coffin? damn my warrior fat fingers.

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