Orzammar's King (SPOILERS)

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User Info: TheBadAndy

7 years ago#1
Is there no option for king that is in favor of getting rid of the caste system? The way they go on about the casteless makes it seem like there should be an option to get rid of all that crap.

Harrowmont wants things to stay the same as far as I can tell, and Bhelen seems to be a total crook. Is there no third option?
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User Info: Soliex

7 years ago#2
After Completing the storyline you get to read about the choices you've made and how they affected the world.

Bhelen actually does away with the caste system and also disassembles the assembly.

Some people claim he is a tyrant while others praise his change in direction.

Also mentions something about the Casteless being able to fight the dark-spawn and gaining respect.

User Info: Nanila

7 years ago#3
Well if you don't mind spoilers I can tell you the end game text about Bhelen.

During the ending it shows some flash screens of the lands you've been too and what happens to them. If you pick Bhelen as king he ends up pretty much getting rid of the caste system and trying to make the dwarf kingdom more "modern".

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User Info: TheBadAndy

7 years ago#4
Hmm, I perhaps judged Bhelen too harshly. Anybody know what happens with Harrowmont?
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Gamertag: oOBadAndyOo

User Info: ForsakenSanity

7 years ago#5
Harrowmont is quickly assassinated, and the dwarves fall back into their assembly deadlocks, if I remember right.
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User Info: Kenthen

7 years ago#6
I don't remember what the text said in detail but Harrowmont does rule for a time but he is unable to keep the Assembly together and properly put a lid on the uprising after Bhelen's death. He still has some support for his conservative ways but eventually he falls ill and dies, supposedly due to foul play.

User Info: Ultimagamer

7 years ago#7
And all Harrowmont manages to do is strengthen Orzammar's isolationist policies with the surface.
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User Info: Torak252

7 years ago#8
I accidentally did both quests for the Dwarven king thing ( Harrowmont and bhren ) how do i get past this?

User Info: 691neil

7 years ago#9
I too am stuck after trying to both sets of quests - now neither of the two will speak tp me until I have spoken to the other one - is this a glitch or have I missed something?

User Info: Hikusaak

7 years ago#10
Question: If you play with Dwarf Noble, is there no option to make yourself King?
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