Morrigan's Ritual *Major Spoiler*

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User Info: Oni

7 years ago#1

So if you choose to have Alister (Female PC) or yourself (Male PC) conceive a child with Morrigan, anyone think this ritual is pretty fishy? She said the child would be of an "ancient power". What's everyone's opinion about it?

I think she's learned a lot more from Flemith's book then we are lead to believe. Who's not to say she doesn't transfer herself to this "ancient god child" like Flemith was planning to do with her so she can become an all powerful darkspawn godess? haha, whatever it is, this is a huge plot twist.

I smell either an expansion or sequel plot here. Discuss :)

User Info: Stowik

7 years ago#2

Yea sequel potential

User Info: TastyBeverage

7 years ago#3
well she wouldnt say, what I got from it was what you said or she planned on reviving the darkspawn for herself

User Info: Nito_Musashi

7 years ago#4
think beowulf or mordred from the king aurthor legends, is how i take it. you fall in love for the beautiful sorceress who offers to save you or the lives of your friends for one small harmless favor.

game 2 or 3 that small harmless favor come back in the form of an uber powerful god like spawn that you must now fight to save your kingdom. and the interaction between you and morrigan should be rather epic, especially if you got the you love each other ending, and you leave to go find her.

maybe she is taking the child to posses it also. flemmith supposedly merged with a demon when a spell went bad, maybe morrigan intends to take over the god child to merge with it to become more powerful than flemmith, and fight her.

who knows it depends how evil you think she is in the end, it could go any number of ways. tho with her general distain for the civilized life, you could argue why exactly she would want to take over the world? or why she would want to destroy you. you would think flemmith could have done all that but never did. and having a demon inside her it would sure seem she or it would be more open to global domination and demon spawn overruning the world.. course maybe she wanted the child for her own ends also and morrigan headed her off.

User Info: Slash_out

7 years ago#5
She did mention she was only interested in the essence of the god, not his corrupted force, and that "there were things that are worth preserving".
Well, in the end, I choose that I would go "searching for her". i'm curious if an expansion will take advantage of that plot possibility specifically, or if it will just be a sidequest at some point...

Well I can't wait for MORE :).
Biwoare would release an expansion right now I wouldn't mind at all.
As much as I usually hate it when devs do that. In this case, I believe the 55 euro I paid for the 63 hours it took me to finish the game (without deaths and redo) by doing MOST side quests are definitively an excellent deal, given how much I enjoyed it. Not to mention all the origins left to do, and different endings to see.

User Info: kainsec

7 years ago#6
I think it will be more of a side quest in an expansion after all if you romance her you do have that ring that she mentions when she gives it to you works both ways for locating her. I actually found myself wondering at the end why my mage didn't just use it to find her for the ending.

User Info: Slash_out

7 years ago#7
Completly forgot about the ring ! She did say it probably work both ways. I think this was not an "innocent" precision.

You mention something about your mage's ending btw.
What did you get with her? I really had no hint of finding her in my ending... maybe you did because of your class?

User Info: DeathNinja

7 years ago#8
I like how you guys let her have the demonspawn baby.

And you call yourselves Grey Wardens. Tsk tsk tsk.

User Info: kainsec

7 years ago#9
My ending told me she was last seen heading west of those mountains where Haven was with a child and that my journeys where not yet over but would continue. Also, Zev decided to keep traveling with me but that was not mentioned in the epilogue. I always just figured since I was a mage I should be able to use the ring since in theory I should understand how it works.

User Info: Slash_out

7 years ago#10
I see, I had the same stuff then. For me it was Zevrhan that decided to stay with me for some unknow reason ^^;. Didn't even speak much with him, while others like Leliana and Wynne with almsot maxed out relations wouldn't come.

Deathninja : Hehe, grey warden sure but still a man ! :p
That said I only accepted because she said she wanted the god, not the demon corruption. And well. it's hard to say no to Morrigan :p (and I didn't want to be a post mortem hero <_<).
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