How to easily kill the High Dragon (Spoiler)

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User Info: Lavantas

8 years ago#1

This will work across all modes, I did this on nightmare. My party make up was Hero (Warrior, no specialization, was going for Champ on first playthrough), Leliana, Zevran, and Wynne. I did this with zero fire protection on any of my party members, so it would be much easier with some fire resist gear such as drake armor and the necklaces. Make sure you come with plenty of pots as this fight will take a while even when we're minimizing damage.

1. Spread your entire party out before summoning the dragon as the dragon will land on the hero and do take off a good chunk of life off everyone in range and knock everyone down.

2. Make everyone HOLD POSITION

3. Equip everyone with a ranged weapon.

4. Summon the dragon and chug a warming balm on the tank. Rest of your party members really won't need the balms. (I only had lesser, and it worked fine)

5. Immediately taunt with the tank. If you get hit, don't move back into melee range with the dragon. If you don't get knocked back, just step right outside of the dragon's melee range.

6. Have the tank face the dragon away from the party. You don't want to get the entire party fireballed or breathed on because that's pretty much a wipe.

7. Everyone should use their ranged attack on the dragon. Have the mage only cast healing spells.

8. The dragon will stay right outside your melee range and launch fireballs and breathe on the tank. Just keep taunting and shooting him while keeping the tank up with heals/pots. No one else should take any damage, and the warming balm will mitigate a large portion of the dragon's fire damage. Collect loot after he dies.

*The dragon may ocassionally leap into another position, just reposition your tank and repeat the strategy. It will take some time, but it's pretty much fool proof and you don't have to worry about the dragon's insane melee damage.

User Info: onyhow

8 years ago#2
Holy...!!! It works! Thanks!

I didn't realize that if you don't try to melee attack the dragon, it will not use any of those deadly attacks!

User Info: edgarleo

8 years ago#3
yeah my tank strat+wolf really didn't work. both alistair and the wolf were just taking huge damage and everyone went out of mana right away with almost no damage done.

noticed it was very immobile so... switched alistair and morrigan. three mage + ranger + bear did the job very nicely
Former RPG Elite (021): Sarcastic Atma Mage

User Info: Blitz8529

8 years ago#4

I was like level 8 or9 whenI killed the dragon I figured the ruins would keep him from flying up and wiping out my range dps. Well I was right the dragon got stuck in the ruins facing the wall. Still took forever to kill. Next play through I'll be staying away from the ruins.

User Info: SerionX

8 years ago#5
Heh nice job that is pretty much exactly what I did two days ago, just had my rogue range with my two healer's AI turned off and I manually healed Alistair. Worked like a charm.

User Info: Cody900

8 years ago#6
Don't put them behind, as the dragon hits with his tail and his back legs, it's best to stand at right angles, so they're right on his sides, away from the tail and all 4 legs.
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  3. How to easily kill the High Dragon (Spoiler)

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