Isabella, romantic interaction...

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User Info: mogbert

7 years ago#1
Minor spoilers possible, but not likely.

My character is female and I'm seeking the infamous, fabled, four way romance (I know it isn't graphic).

From the instructions I've had, I'm to romance both the elf and the archer, then bring them with me to meet Isabella for the first time. I've done so, and I have the options of "Let's go below deck on your boat" and "Let's go somewhere private". In both cases, she turns me down flat.

Is there something I'm missing? As a mage (this time through) I have no Intimidate or Persuade, and both of these headings are fronted with "Persuade". Is it a lost cause? Is there a way to get a more cunning character to ask her? Or do I just have to wait for my playthrough as a rogue before I can romance her?
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User Info: mrMAKAM

7 years ago#2
Doomed I say...

Sorry, I believe you won't have much luck here, beyond cheating...
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User Info: mewarmo990

7 years ago#3
Only the main character can participate in conversations; it doesn't work the same way as lockpicking or stealing. Unless you decide to get your Coercion and Cunning up, you'll just have to try it again with a Rogue PC

User Info: Planescaped

7 years ago#4
Uh, you're supposed to take coercion in every playthrough.
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User Info: mewarmo990

7 years ago#5
No, you're not, if you choose not to. And that's the beauty of a game like this.

Although you're right that you'd be stupid to make a character with no persuasive skills whatsoever, since it can save you a lot of grief with some of the harder areas of the game.
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