[Spoilers] Help, Branka is Impossible! [Spoilers]

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User Info: Torque1599

7 years ago#1

So I made it most of the way through the Dwarven quest and I sided with Caridin becuase what Branka wanted to do was completely evil. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that the boss fight with Branka is impossible. My party is largely melee based with Oghren, Alistair, and me as a rogue with Wynne as healer. Unfortunately we just cannot kill the golems fast enough Even when I try to target the yellow golems, we still get our asses handed to us. I just cannot get their health down fast enough and Branka is so heavily armored, that my attacks do 1 point of damage each. I really don't want to cheat, but it is starting to look like I have no alternative.

Please help me before I pitch a perfectly good computer out the damn window.

User Info: tpc8386

7 years ago#2
Ah yeah a second mage for CC would really help a lot here. Oghren should be doing decent damage with the talent that increases damage to constructs but your rogue is probably sucking a fat one. I did this with me as a champion tank oghren morrigan for cc and damage and wynne and it was still tough. Since you don't even have CC zerging branka isn't really a possibility.

You could try taunting everything to alastair and trying to zerg her down or you could try to pull her away from the group and let the friendly golems tank the adds and kill her quick.

But really there is a reason the game suggests bringing a balanced party...
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User Info: Im_not_Real

7 years ago#3
I beat it on my mage by getting them all angry at said mage, throwing up Arcane Shield and Miasma and then kiting them and Branka in circles around my two melee and Wynn.

My suggestion, if you have not leveled up Morrigan much and you have a save from earlier, is go get Morrigan, get her up to speed equipment wise, replacing one of your melee, and get her to cart them around in circles. works like a charm (after 2 or 3 attempts).
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User Info: idofgrahf

7 years ago#4
use some stat boosting spells, or attack spells, she is weaker to magic than to physical attacks. That or you need a very heavily armored tank with lots of hp to soak up the damage she dishes out (like Shale or something). Other thing is, enchant your weapons with offensive runes, they do good damage if you get the right runes. Use some abilities (depending on what you specialized) My party was Shale, Wynn, Oghren, my self as a beserker/warrior/champion with duel weapons, I activated momentum and beserk ability, had shale use quake can't remmeber the rest but was able to win in less than 3 minutes with everyone alive. The fight may be easy or difficult depending on your level and equpment.

User Info: Cyricist

7 years ago#5
Uhh... what Branka wanted to do was not completely evil. It was the culmination of her entire life's work. Also, it was a "greater good" moment. Caridin wanted to destroy the anvil for what he's seen it do. Branka wanted to use the anvil, and subsequently she would wield that evil for the betterment of the world.

It's a "Do the means justify the end?" question, not a "Good vs Evil" dilemma. I personally sided with Branka. The Blight destroying the world is far worse than condemning individual souls to service as golems.

User Info: mrMAKAM

7 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: maurer

7 years ago#7
<Minor spoilers - in the sense I'm referencing story if not telling it>

Having seen the Branka wins ending....I would beg to differ on the greater good argument. The outcome is WAAAAY to evil for my tastes

User Info: JMenthol

7 years ago#8
"It's a "Do the means justify the end?" question, not a "Good vs Evil" dilemma. I personally sided with Branka. The Blight destroying the world is far worse than condemning individual souls to service as golems."

No, it is a 'Good vs. Evil' dilemma. You made the evil, wrong choice. It would not surprise me to learn that you kill and eat puppies regularly.

User Info: Yorien

7 years ago#9
Yorien says:

Your main problem is probably that the two golem helpers you get won't last long enough to Branka's pounding and her four ones.

I Pwned her on my second attempt. My main (DW elven rogue), Sten (2H dps), Leliana (ranged dps + buffer) and Morrigan (CC and healer).

I just cast Tempest in the middle of the whole mess (so most enemies - and allies - got frozen so they don't disturb while I put thinks to work) and added a pair of Cone of Cold touches here and there So Sten and Leliana (specially Sten) could get their "It's-a-critical-if -it-hits" skills to action on the Branka's golems.

Broke down two of them that way and got enough time to deal with one more while still frozen by the Tempest, then sticked Morrigan to healing only (mass heal first so any damage from the Tempest on my charas got healed) with the eventual cone of cold on Branka while the rest did short work of the last golem. then it's just matter of killing Branka

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User Info: Mick0511

7 years ago#10
I don't see Branka's initial goal as evil. I am sure many dwarves would happily volunteer to save thier homeland. Look at the Legion of the Dead, they are an army of dwarves who are ready to die to kill darkspawn. They even have a funeral for themselves before they move out towards the Deep Roads. I have no doubt that a number of the Legion would happily volunteer to be Golems knowing that a single member would become the equivalent of an army of dwarves. There is a chance that history would repeat itself and that members would be forcibily turned to Golems, but at its face I don't see the difference between having an army of already declared dead dwarves, or an incredibly strong Golem army causing dead dwarves. (Unless they have qualms about the risk to their eternal souls)


Then again, after seeing Branka become the lunatic that tortured and mutated her own people for cannon fodder, it was a pretty easy decision to side against her. I sure as hell didn't want to destroy the anvil, but it beat giving control of the anvil to Oghrim's better half.
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