How to use runes?

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User Info: Omeganova

8 years ago#1
It says i can enchant items. But how?? i drag the rune onto the sword and it doesn't work, i cant think of any other way...

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User Info: Druuberry

8 years ago#2
In your camp, the dwarf trader's son can enchant your items. You don't enchant them yourself.

User Info: akcsfreak

8 years ago#3
You need a slotted weapon

User Info: Ryo_the_Inferno

8 years ago#4
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User Info: Aerogan

8 years ago#5
is it possible to find a weapon with multiple sockets?

User Info: FerretDruid

8 years ago#6
Weapons have up to 3 sockets (that I've found that is).
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User Info: Hikusaak

8 years ago#7
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