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User Info: sth128

7 years ago#1
Here's a quick guide I think might help out some players out there when it comes to gifts and NPCs.

To give a gift, select the NPC you want to give it to and choose inventory (I key), hold right click on the gift item and select the gift icon in the radial menu. If the NPC loves the gift, you will see a rating increase between +6 to +8. If the NPC likes the gift, you'll see about +3 rating increase. If they're indifferent, a +1 rating is given. Certain gifts are plot items and therefore will trigger a cutscene. Here is a list of gifts each NPC prefer:

Alister: Figurines and magic related items. Early on in the game you'll probably come across some sculptures and whatnot, give these to Alister. Plot gift is an amulet found in Red Cliff Castle.

Morrigan: Jewelry. Earrings, amulets, gold-encrusted lockets and whatnot. Plot gifts include a golden mirror and Flemeth's Grimoire.

Leliana: Symbols of Andrastate. Coming from the Chantry Leliana has a fondness for Andrastate related gifts. Plot gift is a flower (named after Andrastate).

Sten: Paintings. Don't even bother talking to the guy early on, you'll just piss him off. Sten likes paintings. If he likes you enough you'll get a quest to find his lost sword, a plot gift.

Zevran: Bars of rare metals. This Elf likes bars of gold, silver, and other misc. rarities. He also has a fetish for leather, and his plot gifts include a pair of Antivan leather gloves and boots.

Wynne: Scrolls and Texts. Wynne likes text scrolls and books. I am unsure if she actually have a plot related gift. If she does I have yet to come across it.

Dog: Honestly I don't see the point of giving your dog gifts, you can't actually make him hate the hero nor does having +100 rating give him any bonuses. However if you insist, toss a lamb or beef bone his way when you find some. It's not like you can sell those for coins anyway.

User Info: Cyradis

7 years ago#2
Shale likes beer and mead etc. :D

User Info: darkentity

7 years ago#3
a "Nug" is another plot gift for Leiliana
once something becomes semi-popular the more "hardcore" fans have to find reason to show they are bigger fans than the average person.

User Info: Cyradis

7 years ago#4
And if you give her the Nug it sits in your camp for the rest of the game, she gives it some cute name.

User Info: Cas27

7 years ago#5

Alistairís Motherís Amulet
Black Runestone
Duncanís Shield
Onyx Demon Statuette
Small Carved Statuette
Stone Dragon Statuette
Stone Warrior Statuette
White Runestone


Andrasteís Grace
Bronze Symbol of Andraste
Chantry Amulet
Etched Silver Symbol
Golden Symbol of Andraste
Silver Sword of Mercy
Steel Symbol of Andraste


Black Grimoire
Flemethís Grimoire
Gold Amulet
Golden Demon Pendant
Golden Mirror
Golden Rope Necklace
Silver Brooch
Silver Chain
Silver Medallion
Tribal Necklace


Alley Kingís Flagon
Chasind Sack Mead
Garblogís Backcountry Reserve
Golden Scythe 4-90 Black
Legacy White Shear
Sun Blonde Vint-1


all Remarkable ...


Painting of a Rebel Queen
Portrait of a Goosegirl
Silver Framed Still-Life
Stenís Sword
Water-stained Portrait


Discovering Dragonís Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy Sauces
Fancy Scroll
Tattered Notebook
The Guerrins of Ferelden: A Genealogical History
The Rose of Orlais
The Search for the True Prophet


Antivan Leather Boots
Dalish Gloves
Medium Gold Bar
Medium Silver Bar
Small Gold Bar
Small Silver Bar



"xxx" (wonīt spoil it):

Ancient Map of the Imperium
Botanistís Map of Thedas
Current Map of Ferelden
Map of the Anderfels
Map of Occupied Ferelden

source: PRIMA Official Strategy Guide

User Info: CheeseItBaggins

7 years ago#6
What's a nug and where do I get it?
I am Jack's medulla oblongata

User Info: CheeseItBaggins

7 years ago#7
Double post!
Can someone update Cas' list with locations of the items?
I am Jack's medulla oblongata

User Info: Seraph2489

7 years ago#8
Allister and Zevran also accept alcohol. I think all the male characters do with the possible
exception of Sten.

Furthermore, you get far more points if the character has brought up their plot item in conversation.
At least Leliana does. Either that or she likes flowers from my mage much more than she liked
them from my warrior.

User Info: sth128

7 years ago#9
A Nug is a small, rabbit like creature that you find in the Dwarven city of Ozammar.

User Info: Hikusaak

7 years ago#10
For some reason Alistair really liked a ball of yarn that my dog found, +8 points. O_o
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