Take Sophia's deal?

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User Info: jaimi

7 years ago#1
If I turn down Sophia's deal (let her go), I assume that Leliana will be happy. But will I miss out on anything?

User Info: sz agent

sz agent
7 years ago#2
Leliana likes you to reason with her and convince her Leliana is no longer a threat, at which point she leaves, reluctantly.
The rivers will flow with the blood of those who shall oppose us. - Kane, suspected leader of the terrorist organization NOD

User Info: gslaughs

7 years ago#3

i took the deal, killed teh mage got his robes, after she answers questions and shuts down the demon gate i killed her and took the awesome items she drops.

User Info: Paull

7 years ago#4
lol. he's talking about sophia dryden for the warden's keep quest, not leliana's character quest.

User Info: Horizon6

7 years ago#5
You get robes that improve blood magic if you kill the mage. You get warden commander armour if you kill Sophia.
I actually noticed no approval or disapproval from any part of wardens keep, come to think of it.. I don't think your party really cares who you side with.
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  3. Take Sophia's deal?

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