defending redcliffe ?

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User Info: Immortal_Sinner

7 years ago#1

okay so im in the quest where you need to defend redcliffe form the walking corpses :P and i pretty much killed all of them the only ones that died were the mayor (murdock ) and some militia which i suppose dont matter .. and theres no zombies left and still nothing happens the music keeps on going for hours and theres no red dots on the minimap ! :x

i searched the whole freakin town and i cant seem to find any thing .. what am I supposed to do ? (and yes , by "town" i mean the spooky yellow hill and lake , too )

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
7 years ago#2
There's probably one hiding in a corner somewhere.
If you have the survival skill, you'll be able to spot them easy.

And you don't want anyone important to die. Just to let you know.
I did it without losing anyone (including all the militia).
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User Info: Omeganova

7 years ago#3
Hold tab and run around, there is definitely 1 hiding somewhere. Maybe stuck behind the fire on top of the hill at the first part of your defence.
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User Info: fhaberdasher

7 years ago#4
I found a couple "stuck" down by the boats on the beach when this happened to me.

User Info: Gangsta_427

7 years ago#5
There is absolutely no way you got through this without as much as a militia man dying. Everyone died...even my party. The f'ing dog is the only one who lived, and I just kept baiting the dead up the hill to the men standing up there.
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User Info: Cyricist

7 years ago#6
No, it's entirely possible to get through it with zero deaths. I got through with only three militiamen dying, and kept all the named people alive. And I only had Morrigan there to heal the Militia.

If you did the Magi first and got Wynne, or if you were a Mage yourself with the Heal spell, you'd definitely be able to keep everyone alive, with prior knowledge to how the fight works.

User Info: eldonauran

7 years ago#7
I also got through this without having a single party member die. Only person that bit the dust was the mayor and only because I wasn't able to get a heal on him in time.

Not sure why so many people find this battle hard. Hmm, maybe because they either don't have a mage or don't have a healing spell. I had two mages, both with heal and one with regeneration (yay for PC mage).

You HAVE to use some crowd control to keep things in control. Two mages with mindblast made that easy for me.
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User Info: chipmunx

7 years ago#8
I had no mages in the party when I did this the first time through and managed to keep the casualties down to only 4 at most.

Just made judicial use of Threaten and Insult by the characters that knew it to drag the corpses off of the guys without access to my (then extensive) stash of poultices.
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User Info: Phantomx000

7 years ago#9
It is very possible to get through it without anyone dying. You even receive a bonus from Tergan (sp?) for doing so, if you manage to pull it off.

First let me start if with saying you might not want to start off with going straight to redcliff when given the chance. Go do the DLC (if you have it) or one of the other areas (Tower for some nice bonuses would help), this will net you a bit more xp and make things a lil easier but its not required.

There are also a bunch of things you can do in order to get more help during the fight that aren't necessarily listed in the quest info.

Free beer to improve morale (talk to 1 of the 3 seated militiamen)
Two more recruits to help fight

Item shop
Oil - mobs that come down the hill will take a little fire damage.

amulets - improves morale

There is also the Armour guy and the dwarf in the locked house. I think there is 1 more but for the life of me I can't remember.

Doing all this will improve your chances of success, tho I'm not exactly sure what improving their morale does, maybe better overall stats ?

Besides that, abuse any CC abilities you have. I was able to complete it with a rogue (PC), Alistar, Morigana and Sten. The part your most likely to fail is gonna be the last half near the chantry. Just quick save after the first half if no one dies. Then at least you only need to reload half the fight.

User Info: Jay667B

7 years ago#10
I lost one guy on Normal as a mage without wynne, crowd control is your friend - no need to heal.
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