how do you auto-level people

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User Info: bigbry2004

8 years ago#1
i just want to work on specifically leveling my guy, and leave everyone else on auto level.
How do i turn this on? It's just me and allister now(maybe an hour into the game)

User Info: SyphinHiroshima

8 years ago#2
Bring up your character sheet by pressing "C" then click the auto level up button, near the bottom of the sheet.
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User Info: y3kman

8 years ago#3
Auto-leveling your characters will gimp them. Believe me, I know.

If you really want to auto-level, open the character stat screen and there's a box at the lower-right that you can click to enable auto-level up. Do this for every character.'re not a bastard but a royal bastard?

User Info: AsanteRevell

8 years ago#4
do not ever use that
the AI will just dump everything into strength and dex
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User Info: DraconianKing

8 years ago#5
...that's what I did as soon as I met the Cunning requirments and put some points in Willpower for more stamina...
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  3. how do you auto-level people

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