My CD-Drive Won't Read Disc - Help?

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User Info: Reseru

7 years ago#1
Pretty much what it says on the tin. My CD-Drive won't recognize my DA disc. When I open up My Computer the disc logo doesn't even appear on any of my drives

My DaemonTools drive with a DA .iso image mounted (how I installed the game, since my CD-Drive won't read my disc; I used my purchased CD key for it) will install the game and load the start-up screen but when I click 'Play' it says that the proper disc isn't available - even though I have a physical copy of the disc in my drive and I'm using the associated CD key with that disc.

What's wrong? Can anyone please help me

User Info: AlTheVicious

7 years ago#2
I'm in the same situation. The only difference is I was able to install the game from the disc and play from it, however after restarting my computer my drive won't read the disc anymore. So I'm currently being forced to play the game using a No-DVD patch. :/
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User Info: DraconianKing

7 years ago#3
Maybe put it in your DVD tray instead :-P

Kidding aside, I'd get a cracked EXE, honestly if it's this much of a problem.

User Info: MGESwebmaster

7 years ago#4
Does your drive read other DVDs? If not, your drive failed, nothing you can do about it but buy a new one. It may be able to read CDs but fail on DVDs which happens a lot.

They're easy enough to replace fortunately, follow directions in the box if you've never worked inside a computer before, and ask for help if you're unsure.
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User Info: eldonauran

7 years ago#5
Make sure you are actually using a DVD-ROM and not a DVD-RAM disc drive.
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User Info: Reseru

7 years ago#6
Well it turns out that my CD-drive, which I'm doing some automated Microsoft check on, runs other discs I've put in. I don't see why it wouldn't run the DA disc because it's fresh out of the box: went from case to computer with nowhere between.

So what's going on?

User Info: silverthornne

7 years ago#7
Bad disc? I mean, it's not common, but it does happen from time to time. Of course, sometimes, just sometimes, you do run into a DVD that your particular drive just won't handle very well, but that's pretty rare.
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User Info: Reseru

7 years ago#8
Well damn there's gotta be something I can do about this. I doubt it's a bad disc...What can I do about th at anyway? It's not as if I can return it to Gamestop; nearly all stores won't accept returns of PC games out of fear of viruses

User Info: grabategravid

7 years ago#9
First off, I assume you mean DVD drive, if your computer can run Dragon Age, it should have DVD drive. Second I think your DVD drive has a problem with disks that use Secure ROM . I had the same problem with most EA games and any other game that used Secure ROM. DVD drives are dirt cheap and wont cost much to replace. I used it as an excuse to upgrade to a Blu Ray drive.

User Info: imcharlieb2005

7 years ago#10
you could just download a no-cd crack for it if it won't let you play at all.
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