how do i get the dog as a mage?

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  3. how do i get the dog as a mage?

User Info: kljsdfgjos

7 years ago#1
i know as a human noble you get it in the origin. im playing a mage now and i assumed that dog the kennel master was talking about would be the dog i got. i got the flower and everything and he said to come back after the battle but i cant go back to ostagar after the battle

User Info: jeffdmaples

7 years ago#2
you get him after ostagar, on your way to lothering

User Info: SithSpaceRaptor

7 years ago#3
Did you get the flower for the kennelmaster? If so, just keep playing.
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User Info: zerozedi

7 years ago#4
It's a set encounter when you head to the first town.
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User Info: kljsdfgjos

7 years ago#5
oh ok thnx.

User Info: AgentNoun

7 years ago#6
When I first read the topic title I thought you wanted to turn the dog into a mage. Which... I think is actually possible using the console.

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User Info: SirAwesomeGuy

7 years ago#7
I hope there is a mod that gets sub-classes for the dog.

hunting dog
demon-possesed dog
Mage dog
Templar dog
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  3. how do i get the dog as a mage?

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