how to win landsmeet? (spoilers)

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User Info: kljsdfgjos

7 years ago#1
i was on the final battle but found it too hard and wasnt able to go back for more potions and stuff. so i reloaded a save i did right before the landsmeet. i won it before but now i keep losing it. i dont remember which dialogue options i picked before. can anyone help?

User Info: Agamemnon485bc

7 years ago#2
Don't use any of the persuade options. Even if you have Master Coercion and a high Cunning score, you'll still lose. Instead, be sure to mention that Orlais isn't the problem, that you should be working together, and that he's let slavery go by unnoticed. I always get a 4 to 1 favor with those options.

User Info: cynicalsaint

7 years ago#3
Anything that you have other nobles at the meet who will speak up when you bring it up.

The fact that he was letting Howe torture nobles. The fact that he hired a bloodmage to poison the Arl of Redcliff (can't think of his name). Can't remember what else I said to win it.
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User Info: CChaplin

7 years ago#4
It also helps to go into the tavern in the marketplace and hand in the quests to the Banns, assuming you did them during the Anora and Alienage missions.

User Info: kljsdfgjos

7 years ago#5
i never see any option that talks about orlias. and should i mention posioning the arl and how torturing people?

User Info: icefaii

7 years ago#6

mention the slaves, poison of arl or torture people, and NEVER mention the battle at ostagr or abandonning the king and you will win for sure. Although you have to do those quests tho. If you didnt do them, you should still have the slave and arl part, and that should be enough.

User Info: kljsdfgjos

7 years ago#7
eh i finally got a 3 to 2 vote. tried again to see if i could get more but kept losing again.

User Info: icefaii

7 years ago#8

did you save the prisoners while your trying to save anora? and talk to them in the tavern afterwards?

that will gain you the favor of nobels and I always ended up 5-1 in landsmeet 4-2 if i talk about abadon the king

User Info: Irenicus_Soul

7 years ago#9
Don't forget the templar mission.
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User Info: Yorenec

7 years ago#10
There are three "super" votes that you pretty much can't win unless you have at least two of them.

One is Anora, and to get that you have to tell her you'll support her unconditionally. You can actually say you'll support her, get her influence and then go ahead and put Alistair on the throne instead anyway.

One is Bann Sighard, rescue his son Oswyn in Howe's dungeon, go to the Gnawed Noble and tell Sighard you want his vote. When the option comes up at the Landsmeet, tell how Howe tortured innocents. You get Sighard's vote and the vote of like two other nobles he's cool with.

The last is Bann Alfstanna. Rescue her brother Imrinic also in Howe's dungeon.
Give her his ring and tell her you found him in Howe's dungeon. When the option comes up at the landsmeet, say how Loghain hired a blood mage to poison Eamon, and you get her vote.

There are two other votes that also really help.

Rescue Vaughn, also in Howe's dungeon, and tell him you want his vote (yes he's a major scumbag, but he'll give you his vote and it helps alot..)

The other is, in the very first round, choose the persuade option that says "The Blight is the real threat here!", and that gets you the vote of another arl everytime without fail.

If you do the Sighard and Alfstanna quests and the dialogue choices I said, as well as get Vaugn's vote in exchange for his freedom, plus the " Blight is the real threat" choice, you will win even if Anora betrays you.

As I said, you can basically lie to her and still put Alistair on the throne, but if you do it as I said above, you won't need her support.
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