Prince Bhelen or Lord Harrowmont? (spoilers)

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  3. Prince Bhelen or Lord Harrowmont? (spoilers)

User Info: Cornholio_tp

7 years ago#1

I don't care if you spoil anything, I just want to know the outcomes of either side I choose.

User Info: TakumiSama

7 years ago#2
Bhelen: Orzammar goes to hell.
Harrowmont: Orzammar goes to hell.

Really, they're both rotten. You just need to pick your poison.
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User Info: DahlVaughnni

7 years ago#3
How is harrowmont bad? He's the levelheaded righteous guy while bhelen is the money/war hungry-...errr.. he's Dubya Bush.
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User Info: ashepp3

7 years ago#4
Bhelen is more progressive. Harrowmont is bigoted and stuck in the old ways, ultra conservative.

User Info: Skel Ettin

Skel Ettin
7 years ago#5
Nothing really changes for the game, ending wise I will spoil it for you.:

Although vicious to get the throne, killing one brother and pinning it on another, he actually make Orzammar more fare and starts to disolve the caste system.

Harrowmont: Was the likely choice to take over the throne, kind, honest and fair. Unforuntately if you choose the the conditions in Orzammar get worse as the class divide grows.
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User Info: RaiDelfene

7 years ago#6
It's an election between a douche and a turd. Pick one.
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Unless you suck.

User Info: Darktyl

7 years ago#7
Is it possible to side with Jarvis?
When you meet her, it initiate a conversation. It just seem like you can.

Is there a way to meet her before you meet either Bhelen or Harrowmont?
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User Info: tpb_4uandme

7 years ago#8
I chose Bhelen because he was closest to the throne.

No really.

Oh and that and if he is crowned king he has that racist Harrowmont executed on the spot.

Bhelen may be a tyrant but he won't be MY tyrant (unless I'm playing a dwarf).

User Info: RaiDelfene

7 years ago#9
I picked Harrowmont because I don't like the way Bhelens men talked back to me.

I'm a Grey Warden mother****er. RESPEK.
Remember to always be yourself.
Unless you suck.

User Info: CChaplin

7 years ago#10
Bhelen is a ruthless bastard who will do whatever it takes to win. He never considers cheating (lying, stealing, intimidating, whatever) to be anything more than the most intelligent path. That said, he's also the one who wants to abolish castes and strengthen ties with the surface. Not a nice guy, but he gets things done.

Harrowmont is a kindly old gentleman who never wanted to be king and is only running because he promised his friend he would. Believes in the Caste system and feels dwarves should actually back *away* from the surface. He is honorable, just, and kind, which is just about the worst combination possible for any dwarf looking to get into politics.
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  3. Prince Bhelen or Lord Harrowmont? (spoilers)

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