How to get the "best" ending... SPOILERS

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User Info: engimaman

7 years ago#1
Played as mage and said no to Morrigan's offer, cuz I thought If I did everything right
that other Warden would kill the Dragon, but instead I did...
but anyway! I noticed if you complete certain quests the ending changes....
so tell me... what quest,events people should I help to get the "good" ending....
(I.E: everyone's happy. blah,blah,blah) this time I'm a human noble male but I just started
and I thought I should try and play as a female but in regards to the ending for the female...
will Morrigan try and make me force Allistair on her?
(that ***** has some issues to work out...)
If you aren't willing to fight for it, how important can it be?

User Info: Xegres

7 years ago#2
One of the things i did was help the dwarf open up a chantry in orzimar.
he gets murdered in the epilogue.

User Info: Spiritmongrel

7 years ago#3
The "best," or the most balanced ending (at least for non-human noble) would probably be getting both Alistair and Anora on the throne and making Loghain kill the archdemon. To do that, you have to tell Alistair to man up and quit whining during the quest with his sister, and make the proper persuasion checks or whatever to make him and Anora agree to marry.

As far as the allies go: save Redcliffe, don't taint the ashes, save the mages, make the Z guy break the werewolf curse, put Bhelen on the throne.

User Info: I_Almost_Win

7 years ago#4
In my opinion, the best "happy" ending:

Hardened Alistair rules with the PC as queen.
Let Genetivi live and bring back the news of the Urn to Denerim, but kill the High Dragon.
Have Bhelen be King but kill Branka and destroy the Anvil.
Free the werewolves from their curse and have Zathrian die.
Free the mages instead of killing them with Uldred.
Do not help Burkel establish a Chantry in Orzammar.
Do not help Dagna join the Circle mages as a student.

Companion specific:

Romance Morrigan and have the baby. Apparently it doesn't make a difference in the epilogue whether you choose to go after her or not.
Romance Leliana but do not sacrifice yourself. Then, pick any option to remain in Denerim and she will settle down with you.
Retrieve Sten's sword for him but make sure he is at Friendly. This way when he returns he doesn't lead a Qunari invasion on Ferelden.
Be Friendly with Shale.
Be Friendly with Wynne. This leads to a joint ending with Shale.
Be Friendly with Zevran, he will stay in Denerim with you.
Do Oghren's quest and do not torpedo his attempt. He will then track down Felsi and live happily ever after.

Origin specific:

As a City Elf, ask for more power for the elves and Alistair will appoint the PC as the first elven Bann.
As a Dwarf, ask for human aid against the Darkspawn, this leads to a huge eradication of Darkspawn.
As a Mage, ask for less restrictions on the Circle of Magi.
As anything but a female Human Noble, have the hardened Alistair marry Anora to rule jointly. Then choose any option you prefer, as long as you stay in Denerim it doesn't matter.

User Info: Omniscient73

7 years ago#5
Out of curiosity, why not help Dagna? I don't remember seeing anything bad about what happened with her in the epilogue.

User Info: dynastyhan

7 years ago#6
I helped Dagna and she turned out good in the end.

I made Harrowmon king and killed Caridin. In the end, Harrowmon lived and continue ruling.
I would've made Bhelen King but when I play as dwarf noble, I hated Bhelen so much I went against him.

So anyone here who played dwarf noble and made Bhelen King, did Bhelen still try to stab you in the back? Just wondering...

User Info: CChaplin

7 years ago#7
Yeah, the Dagna thing is kinda wierd. Sometimes she becomes a well adjusted researcher and sometimes she becomes the object of a new Exalted March, having pulled the mages out of Chantry jurisdiction.

There are a lot of other endings that can go many ways, as well. I think the end result is a combination of how you solved the issue and what else you solved. It could be that opening the chantry in Orzrammar is what kept Dagna under control, or it could be my cautious approach to the problem, encouraging her ties with the Tranquil rather than the magi. It could also be because I sided with Harrowmont, whose traditional bent would make it hard for Dagna to bring the mages there. Maybe my siding with Caradin had an effect as well, since otherwise the dwarves could easily have accepted an "ends justify the means" philosophy.

Likewise, my Chantry might have succeeded because I used its social advantages (caring for orphans) as my argument to the Shaper, then backed the argument up later by placing that casteless noble's child in the Chantry's care. That's one of the interesting parts of the game, the way the quests can mesh together.

User Info: engimaman

7 years ago#8
W-wait have Bhelen become king?
I thought he was the "bad" choice...
since he killed his brother...
If you aren't willing to fight for it, how important can it be?

User Info: silverthornne

7 years ago#9
The whole Orzammar situation is interesting. Bhelen is more violent and overall evil in his approach, yet he does a lot of good for Orzammar as a king. I suppose the way it works is that Orzammar is so deeply lost with its traditions, that the only way to do a positive change would be to act as he did. By contrast, Horrowmont (sp?) seems more honorable and just, but he is too conservative, and thus Orzammar's oppressive lifestyle does not change. He's into justice and fairness, as long as you belong to a caste.
"good judgment is the result of experience -- and experience is the result of poor judgment"

User Info: AgentNoun

7 years ago#10
Bhelen is an interesting case.

Dwarven politics are ruled by tradition. Bhelen, however, has no interest at all in tradition, and wishes more equality, a less restrictive caste system, and more open relations with the surface. Unfortunately, there are few in the noble caste who want that; if he attempted a campaign like Harrowmont, he'd likely be soundly defeated and shamed. So, Bhelen did what dwarves do best: he lied, cheated, and backstabbed his way to the top, all to further his progressive and surprisingly compassionate goals.

If you make Bhelen king, he abolishes the Assembly and becomes a dictator. So far, not so great. But he follows that up by doing the things the Assembly never would: loosening the caste system, opening the doors to the surface world, and generally being an all-around benevolent dictator. In other words, he may not be honorable, but there's no such thing as an honorable dwarven politician; and even though Harrowmont may be a morally superior person, his policies will do nothing but worsen the lot of the casteless and further isolating the dwarves.

It's one of my favorite little twists in the entire game, actually.
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