Frame Rate Issues

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User Info: Howiedodat

7 years ago#1
Ok, so I played though this game on the Xbox360, and I decided to go for the PC version yesterday, didnt get to play until today do to work, PC version is 100 times better then console by far, but I seem to have issues with the frame rate, I definately meet the min requirements, and almost the max requirements, but am still having to play with all video settings on low :( and even then its not smooth. If anyone can give me any Ideas that on maybe what i can do to improve the frame rate to play on higher graphics that'd be great, I am thinking of buying a new graphics card but wont if someone can maybe gimme an alt solution. Thanks in Advance.

PC Specs:
Intel Core Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4GHz

Ram 4 GB

64 bit O/S

NVIDIA Geforce 8500 GT

Windows Vista...still..:(

User Info: aamfirdaus

7 years ago#2
Your CPU might be good, but your VGA card is not powerful enough. I'm now playing with Geforce 8500GT, and stay at Athlon X2 (dualcore).

However, I can run on medium on graphics and texture, AA 0x. And that is not so good but not so bad. Try to go to DA launcher and choose configuration. Switch on the Disable multiple render and the one below that option. Also try to disable Frame Buffering. The game still looks good without it.

User Info: Howiedodat

7 years ago#3
Thanks for the quick response, I have tried all of those and more, even configured my PC to run at best preformance and shut off a few things on the side. I guess im gonna have to spring for a new graphics card.


User Info: aamfirdaus

7 years ago#4
Just follow my tips to turn them off, and stay at medium settings,and you still can enjoy the game.

If you don't bother stay at your VGA card, I'd say it is still good for PC games lie The Last Remnant, even though always on medium settings and lower shadow.

Still, I don't quite understand with CPU. Dual core 2.9 Ghz vs Quad core 2.4 Ghz. (don't know which is better)

User Info: Howiedodat

7 years ago#5
Solved my problem Yay. did something I havent done in years...not very computer savoy, I did a disk cleanup, and now DA:O runs great on at least medium settings, im happy with that till I decide if Im gonna upgrade Graphx card. So i recomend a disk clean up to anyone who hasnt done one in a while.

User Info: Lairial1

7 years ago#6
Haha, I have an 8500 GT, too. Didn't think anyone still had those...

I can run DA:O on Maximum Graphic effects and texture detail with no major FPS drop except for big cities... mainly Denerium, but that lags me on any setting. What kills me is Frame Buffer Effects...

As for the CPU question... think of it like this; each core has the power of a single-core CPU clocked at the same speed (E.G. dual-core CPU at 2.2Ghz is twice as powerful as a single core at 2.2Ghz). That's probably wrong... but you get the basic idea, yeah? I can tell you for sure, multi-core CPUs are better than single-core, and the more cores you have, the better your CPU.

My CPU is only a dual-core... 2.8Ghz. I think I got lucky when I bought it... when I looked it up, it turned out to be a Black edition AMD, and apparently it was one of the best CPUs out there for gaming when I got it. But Dragon Age completely maxes it out... whenever I play the game, even if I'm just in the main menu, CPU usage is at 100%.

Anyway, if you have framerate issues, it could be your CPU, and not your video card... because, for some reason, Origins is very CPU intensive, and even really high clocked CPUs, even quad-cores, run maxed when Origins is open.

Pay close attention to everything, notice what no one else notices. Then you'll know what no one else knows, and that's always useful.

User Info: chuaman

7 years ago#7
I've noticed that turning off PhysX (through the nVidia control panel) increased my framerate a bit, by 10-20% or so. Try it, it might help you.

User Info: Dhalamar

7 years ago#8
The graphics card is definitely the biggest problem here. 8500 is not really meant for 3D gaming. Of course it will run old 3D games just fine but modern ones will be too much for it.

User Info: Howiedodat

7 years ago#9
Thanks for all the replies, def gonna get a new graphix card sometime this week this game is too damn sexy to play on low settings, that and the draw distance is horrid at low.

User Info: adridell

7 years ago#10
Go for the GeForce GTS250
It's cheap and works great on almost every game.
My rig is almost the same as yours, except I have Windows 7 and the GTS250.
I play this game on high with AA 2x and the only time I had some lag was in Market District of Denerim. Thou it happened only in the first time I went there.
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