3 NPC conversations...

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User Info: cantuse

7 years ago#1
Just had a conversation involving Oghren, Dog and Zevran. Dog really didn't talk but Oghren complained about the dog and Zevran suggested he should ride it.

Are there more dialogs that involve three NPCs like this?

User Info: Gamer4life451

7 years ago#2
i'm pretty sure there are. but i don't really use different people from my party every time i leave camp i generally just use the same 3 members so there are lot of dialog that i haven't heard. that's one of the things i love about the game lol. i think there was one involving alistair, morrigan, and wynne but i can't remember.
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User Info: some09guy II

some09guy II
7 years ago#3
They're uncommon, but there are a few. I suggest getting one of the mods out there that increases the number of points NPCs talk to one another. There's a surprising amount of dialogue just two characters can have which could potentially not be heard in the base game even if you kept them in your party as much as possible.

User Info: Witch Elf

Witch Elf
7 years ago#4
I think Alistair, Leiliana, and Morrigan have a few threeways.
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