Flemeth's Grimoire bug?

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User Info: senser

7 years ago#1
I've read a couple of entries about a bug where this quest is concerned. However, I haven't seen any that have my problem. I found the fake grimoire in the Circle Tower and gifted it to Morrigan. She then sent me on the quest. I took my party there and fought the dragon, but was killed. Instead of continuing to fight Flemeth, I went on my way to finish the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest. After completing that, I went to return to Flemeth's hut, only to find it empty. I returned to camp, and questioned Morrigan and it's as if the quest never existed. Any ideas? The grimoire is no longer in my possession, so I'm not sure what happened. Any help is greatly appreciated.

User Info: Witch Elf

Witch Elf
7 years ago#2
Flemeth won't appear if you have Morrigan in your party. Is that the problem?
"Aw, what did they do to Jenny?" - The Darkness

User Info: Bopomofo816

7 years ago#3
that IS the problem^
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  3. Flemeth's Grimoire bug?

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