Money Problems (Cheat)

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User Info: J180864B

7 years ago#1

After pressing the Tilde button I put in the cheat "runscript zz_money 999999999999' and then press enter, at the bottom left hand side of the screen it comes up with a figure 21369857 gold (something like this) and when I goto Inventory I see there is only -49 in gold. What is going on, can someone help me in resolving this problem.:question:

User Info: Ghennkins

7 years ago#2
There might be a cap on the max gold you can have and you're probably exceeding it by a lot.

Do you really need that much gold anyway?

try 100000. I think that's an even 1k gold which should last a while. When you run out just do the runscript again.

If you're trying to fix the negative display, you'll probably need to revert to an older save.

User Info: MBO-Sephy

7 years ago#3
Why that much? Enter 50000000, that'll give you 5k Gold...more than enough for this game AND Awakening combined, if you decide to use the same cheated character there.

User Info: uzumaki66666

7 years ago#4
The game is probably confused as to why you're using cheats for such a pittance. Try adding more numbers.
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User Info: GreyWolf_33

7 years ago#5
Yeah, I made this mistake. I wanted to have enough money and just put too many zeros and it just completely destroys your money supply. Just reload from a point before you hacked the money.
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User Info: funkyfritter

7 years ago#6
Don't add such a large number.

User Info: J180864B

7 years ago#7

I agree with all of you, I was putting in a very large number indeed. Thank you.:D

User Info: RegisterHell

7 years ago#8

What is probably happening is that the binary representation of 999,999,999,999 is setting the most significant bit to a 1, which ends up being interpreted as a negative number. And serve you right.

It would be interesting to know where the break point is. Pure guess on my part, but I'd guess possibly 2,147,483,647 ?

But why bother when a full load of dust from the Mage's Tower quartermaster and a trip to the Gnawed Noble tavern sets you up for the rest of the game, without cheating, anyway ? (Provided you've worked at the herbalist skills of course.) Sort of takes the challenge away if you get rich too soon, doesn't it ?

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