bodahn glitch

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User Info: TidusMA

7 years ago#1
let begin from that start... i used the money glitch to to get alot of money
and i had a thought, why not buy everything from every shop and sell it to bodahn
so i will have the ultimate store in the camp instead of traveling all the time from shop to shop
if i need something. and so i did started from LOTHERING to the circle of magi and than ORZAMMAR
started "robing" their's stores one by one, and selling it's to bodahn
dont get me the wrong way i wasnt there only for the stores i also done the place main/side quests

well here i am going to redcliife i robbed them too but with no rush returning to the camp
i finished the main quest and the side quests there

and so i returned the camp with full pack ready to be sold
and so i did... but i got a glitch bodahn won't open the ware's for me
he saying his text but the wares not opening

does bodahn have a limit that why it happened? or is it a glitch?
i can go back to the last save where i not sold the ware's yet but this is a repeating glitch
what can i do now?

sorry for my bad english

User Info: Caladfwich

7 years ago#2
check this thread http://social(dot)bioware(dot)com/forum/1/topic/67/index/247529/10 (change the dots on real dots, while cussing gamefaq / gamespot and their lame filter)

See the lavafrog answer about merchant limits on the page 10.

User Info: TidusMA

7 years ago#3
but can it be fixed?

User Info: ikyu828

7 years ago#4
happened to me before
luckily i save a lot
i'm not sure if other merchants has a llimit like bodahn or not

User Info: RegisterHell

7 years ago#5

Whhilst I have not tested it it is my undersanding that they all have limits on what they can carry as wares. Probably the same bit of code for all. I've not hit any limit in reasonable play, and believe me I've had my herbalists make LOTS of lyrium potion. I guess the programmer thought they'd set a sufficiently high limit to the resources needed to be reserved for the merchant, without considering the excess limits some players will go to.

That said, had a 'booty store' been provided at camp so the party need not carry or sell everything, then the problem would have been less likely to arise.

User Info: hairymanboobs

7 years ago#6
Every merchant has an inventory and inventory has a hardcoded max of 255 stacks. Note this is stacks. So a merchant can actually have 255 stacks of 99x lyrium potions if he has nothing else at all in his inventory.

User Info: TidusMA

7 years ago#7
no way to fix it????
stupid bioware why they ade him with limit???

User Info: RegisterHell

7 years ago#8

BTW Selling to Badahn may not be too wise anyway. Sure he is convenient, follows you around, but on the other hand almost every merchant claims to have the keenest prices, biggest discount, they can't all be right.

User Info: mensroom_leader

7 years ago#9
stupid bioware why they ade him with limit???

To save memory and avoid bloated save files?

User Info: TidusMA

7 years ago#10
still.... well so i cant fix it
i dont want start selling things now an other store

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