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User Info: LeBurns63

7 years ago#1
While waiting in the Arl of Redcliffe's estate in Denerim there is an elven maid named Nigella. I noted that she kept walking back and forth between the Arl's and queen's rooms and I assumed at first she is some kind of spy for someone. I could only talk to her once after each time I entered the estate, she'd be waiting midway down the hall. She would also say she's there to clean and would then excuse herself before she gets in trouble for talking to me. Right after that she tended to go from room to room, seemingly following me but staying low profile.

Is there anything to her? I tried to get more out of her but never could. I assumed she must have been part of some quest I never started. Just curious.


User Info: Nikolaj-11

7 years ago#2
In all my fifty(+/-) playthroughs i she has never done anything else than being a maid.

I don't know why you can talk to her, but i never noticed anything specific..

User Info: bcarl

7 years ago#3
^ Lol, you have as many characters as I do!

As far as Nigella goes, nope, that's it. There could be some other interaction buried in the toolset somewhere, and I think there was a project going on for her at some point, but never came to fruition.
So, what you see now is what you get.


User Info: Nikolaj-11

7 years ago#4

/\ Truly? Well most of my characters have been on PS3, but i shifted to PC to try the mods :)

But i though i was the only one crazy enough to play so many characters :D

User Info: Delixe

7 years ago#5
Might have been someone they planned to interact with the City Elf Origin but they never got around to implementing it.
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