New Player-Can't Beat the Ogre!

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User Info: Mega_Mustaine

7 years ago#1

Hey guys, I just picked up a copy of dragon age two days ago for the PC.

At first, I made a character who was a mage, got to the character and restarted because I wasn't having much fun as a mage. I am now a dual dagger wielding rogue dwarf noble and still having trouble with the ogre.

Anyone have any tips? Once one of my party members dies, it's usually the end of hte line. I'm using acid bombs and those seem to be great...but every other time I get close to the thing it owns me/picks one of my members up and kills them.

What to do?

User Info: provett

7 years ago#2
what skills do you use?

I'm not sure of this, as I've never tried it myself. But I'm thinking dirty fighting should make him release the person being held. I know knockdown moves make him drop people... so I think stunning attacks does as well.
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User Info: liquld1985

7 years ago#3
well there are two ways to beat it:

1) normal way : have someone (preferably one of the tower guards, at that point Alister has crap stats) attack it and use taunt (if you have it) and keep others back (press H just before entering the battle). when the Ogre's attention got focused on that one member attack it with others. keep the mage and one archer away from it. if it used grab, attack it with shield bash (or any other skill with knockdown chance) to have it drop the victim. use health potions when needed (in tactics -> health<50% --> use strongest health poultice usually works fine).

2) easier way (which is cheap some might say, but doesn't need any health items): control a party member, taunt the Ogre (or attack it until you grab agro) and run a large circle around the area. give bows to everybody else (not to the mage, the staff does the same thing). while the Ogre follows you, they'll knit the hell out of it.
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User Info: LinkBoyJT

7 years ago#4
Don't forget to do back stabs as a rogue. You strike harder and faster. Just attack an enemy from behind, you'll know when your character is doing it (the attack looks different than normal).
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User Info: Zeroxas_27

7 years ago#5
......What spell did you use?

If you use frost spells, it will help a lot (like, slowing down the ogre).

Otherwise, set the Tower Guard to archer tactics, since he's unexpectedly skilled with bow/crossbow.
Grabbed? Have Alistair use Shield Bash / Shield Pummel, it will stop the ogre grabbing. Otherwise, kick the Ogre's bucket. XD
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User Info: aPHAT

7 years ago#6
It's pretty simple actually. If the ogre is trashing whoever it's attacking then just have that character kite the ogre around while the rest of your party beats on it. If it switches targets and starts attacking someone else then just have that character kite it around etc. The ogre will never be able to catch up.
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User Info: 1136135

7 years ago#7
If all else fails: Stand behind the barrels and attack him with a bow. The Ogre can't reach you there.
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User Info: liquld1985

7 years ago#8
^ does that work? and I thought running around thing was cheap.
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User Info: iIIuminati

7 years ago#9
In a 4E DnD game I played in, I had an Elf Archer with a speed of 8. One game I had him kiting so much the DM had to redraw the map several times.

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User Info: DAntiprodukt

7 years ago#10
I gave everyone a bow and just ran around the room while everyone else slowly feathered him to death. You can run faster then the ogre so it's completely possible to do this without taking a single hit, but I was careless toward the end and my mage got roflstomped - but it's really easy otherwise. If you have trouble in the future with fights, try kiting and pulling and generally exploiting environmental advantage.
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