Random game crashes?

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User Info: FireMarth

5 years ago#1
My game likes to crash at random points. Can be during a battle. Can be while just running around. No consistency at all.

My system is more than enough to run it. Intel i5 2500, Radeon HD 6850, 8GM RAM...no issues there.
I have it through Steam, and it says it's all up to date...

Any ideas?
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User Info: Stygian_Abyss

5 years ago#2
The game is buggy, and bioware can't be bothered to fix it. You can try using this fan made fixpack:


Although I don't know it it will improve your game that much.

Make sure the game is version 1.04 at least (1.05 is the latest, but its kinda useless).

User Info: gameduck2

5 years ago#3
Believe it or not, my game crashed every now and then. So I increased the details to highest and so far I haven't got any crash. Win 7 64-bit.


5 years ago#4
Mine randomly crashes to desktop too. Game is getting old and not being updated with current drivers or anything anymore.
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