I cant decide on anything, man :(

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User Info: CenaxKikia

3 years ago#1
Going to play for first time when I go home after holiday. Can't pick class or anything. I want to be a Warrior except you get a ton of warrior companions. Maybe a dual wielder warrior, I dunno. I also am considering archery.. but as a rogue or a warrior, no idea.. and again, everyone says archery is terrible and don't ever do it. A mage as a human is a possibility, but I feel like I want to bring along mage companions. My friend tells me your first warrior companion is a beast of a tank.. so I dunno if i'd like him.

I can't pick origin story either. I like Dwarves, except i'd feel weird doing the romance part with my dwarfie man. I heard Daelish elf story is abysmal, and yeah.

So yeah, I just can't pick my class, or my origin, or my race, or anything.

No clue whats good to start with. I watched videos of how everything plays in combat, and while I hate dual wielding in games, and prefer two handed or sword and board, two handed looks awful to me.

Yeah, I can't decide.

Archery rogue or warrior, Dual Wield Warrior, Sword and Board Warrior, a mage of some kind, and really any race. Something fitting.

This is awful. I cant narrow it down. I guess someday ill finally play the game.
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User Info: grand_commander

3 years ago#2
You get a sword-and-board warrior very early in the game, and an archery rogue and a two-handed warrior not long after. There are no dual-wielder warriors in the game, and it takes a while to get your dual-wielder rogue (who is also bad at unlocking chests, i.e. rogue things). Mages are also completely overpowered, though you do get one earlyish (specced mostly in the Entropy school, though it's early enough to let you put the majority of points anywhere).

User Info: MaDHat

3 years ago#3
Choose a human Rogue. Put 22 points into Cunning. Put the rest into Dex. Only use daggers as Dex is where their power comes from. Take:
Duel Weapons:
-Duel Weap Training
-DW Finesse
-DW Expert

-Dirty Fight, Combat Move, Coup de grace
-Below the Belt, Deadly Dtrike, Lethality, Evasion
-the whole Stealth line

-Dueling, upset Balance, Keen Defense

Mark of Deadh, Exploit Weakness

optional: DW Master, Whirlwind, and the middle branch of the DW tree.

Now just stealth kill and backstab. Also, hardly anything will hit you. Enjoy soling the game if you want! Also make sure to use the warrior ring later on as it makes up for the lost Strength by just taking Dex.

User Info: Areishia

3 years ago#4
If you go for Lethality, shouldn't you dump your points into cunning rather than dex?

btw: Archery is not garbage, it's quite fun

User Info: grand_commander

3 years ago#5
Archery goes from alright in the first game (I'd have to load a save to compare my DPS score, but it did what I needed) to ridiculously overpowered in Awakening. Of course, you need the Return to Ostagar DLC to get the super-overpowered Repeater Gauntlets if you want to make the most of it.

User Info: Gamemako

3 years ago#6
Areishia posted...
If you go for Lethality, shouldn't you dump your points into cunning rather than dex?

btw: Archery is not garbage, it's quite fun

Cunning gives you extra backstab damage through Exploit Weakness (circa 25% extra damage in total), dexterity makes you nigh-unkillable. I find cunning builds to be more trouble than they're worth, since you can just faceroll Nightmare with a dex build as long as you have the sense to hit Mana Clash on any and all enemy mages.
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  3. I cant decide on anything, man :(

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