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User Info: MirageVX

2 years ago#1
With Inquisition right around the corner, I thought maybe I should really start playing, if only for the story

I'm not a fan of the battle system at all, but the lore and story interests me more than anything, what's the best build/party/strategy or whatever that can get me through the game for the sake of story?

I'm not looking for any challenge, just straight up easy mode

And since DA2 board is almost dead, what's the best build/party/strategy to play through that?

Don't shoot me plz
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User Info: VermilionX

2 years ago#2
lots of team comp work if you setup them up right.

but i remember having an easier time with 2 warriors to tank the front, 1 ranger for range and summon creature, and mage for major healing and minor offense.

then you wanna focus your damage. you wanna lower their numbers 1st.

right now, im replaying it after all these years... only playing on easy mode and it's pretty manageable even without a mage healer. then again... haven't done the dragon fights yet. i'll prolly still need a healer for those even on easy unless i just stock a bunch of healing items.
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User Info: VermilionX

2 years ago#3
also, since you're playing on PC and don't care about beating it legit... just use some god/cheat mods.
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User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
2 years ago#4
MirageVX posted...
I'm not looking for any challenge, just straight up easy mode

Casual + the Ostagar XP exploit (if that works on the PC version, I know it was never patched on consoles, or I guess you could just use the console command to boost your level).
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User Info: GrayMuse

2 years ago#5
warrior-warrior-mage-rogue makes any difficulty a breeze

either bow or melee rogue works they both deal very good damage (bows dont get great until later on)

if melee rogue rush level 3 stealth for in combat stealth,if bow rush master ranger

any spec with spirit healer combo is op,spirit healer in general is op--rush cleansing aura

crushing prison and force field are the 2 strongest spells imo

you can heal your people inside force field;force field>regen combo is a favorite

force field big threats,force field your tank,force field your low hp dps,force field yourself...too good

i like the nightmare in origins better than da2's,origins difficulty is a lot more consistent (mostly cause da2 nightmare LOVES to just zerg rush you with elites most of the time,a rare occurence in origins)

EDIT:just read that last line about not looking for a challenge l0l ah well w/e

you really should get into the harder difficulties the combat is so enjoyable in these games
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