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User Info: Geezguy

8 years ago#1
I got Still Life for christmas today (yes, I live in Europe), but it said that the starforce drivers was incompatible with my version of windows (windows vista home premium), so I updated the drivers by downloading a tool from their site (it's easy to find, it will update the drivers automatically). After successfully updating the drivers, the game started but I got a black screen...

I searched the internet and I found this patch that makes the game work in Vista! Download the patch here:;11762898;/fileinfo.html

The patch is in French but it won't change the language in the game. Patch the game and then launch the exe. Now you will be able to enjoy this game without any problems. Have fun.

Note: I don't know if you have to update the Starforce drivers if you install the patch first, so try the patch first and then update the Starforce drivers if the patch doesn't work.
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User Info: The_15th

8 years ago#2
Thanks, that's good to know!
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