Draw Loop Deck: Heart of Exodia

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User Info: Blood_XIII

7 years ago#1
Just an old Exodia strategy that is only slightly well known.
The deck is called "Heart of Exodia", because it combines the names of the two most important elements of the deck.


::Deck Contents:

The five pieces of Exodia
Heart Of The Underdog (Continuous Spell [Hereafter called HotU]) x3
Level 4 and below NORMAL monsters with 1850-1900 ATK x16
Level 4 and below NORMAL monsters with 1800-2000 DEF x16

It's really simple to make, actually. Just throw in the 5 Exodia cards, the 3 HotU, and then start throwing in NORMAL monsters like Gemini Elf, Mystical Elf, Aqua Madoor, Vorse Raider, Mechanicalchaser, ETC.
Even if you DON'T have the higher powered/guarded monsters, just use what you can to get your deck to it's minimum 40 card limit.


::How it works::

When activated, HotU's effect allows it's owner to draw one extra card during the draw phase IF the card is a Normal (Non-effect) monster card and it is shown to the opponent.
The loop comes in the fact that as long as you draw a NORMAL monster, you can keep activating HotU's effect.
By doing this and getting lucky on your first draw, you can draw every card in your deck in a single turn.

HotU itself has a few helpful loopholes as well
For instance, let's say you have TWO HotU's on the field and you draw a Normal monster. You will be given the chance to draw TWO cards instead of one.
NOW let's pretend what those cards are. The FIRST is either another HotU or Exodia The Forbidden One (The only Effect monster in your deck), which would NORMALLY stop the draw loop...
But the rules go by the last card DRAWN, so if your SECOND card is a Normal monster, the loop will continue.

If you can get lucky and pull out Exodia The Forbidden One and also two out of the three, or even ALL THREE HotU's, then you've pretty much won unless the opponent kills your hand during their turn.

The 16x high DEF monsters will help protect your LP AND bait the opponent into attacking (Normally taking damage themselves), and therefore often setting themselves up for an assault from one or more of your 16x high ATK monsters.

It's quite possible to win with the bait-and-attack strategy before you even get one of the HotU's into your hand!


The issue with this deck is that it's pretty easy to counter. The enemy gets a good equip card on a monster and it's pretty much over.
Not to mention that if your opponent can get rid of your HotU's, then you're left just hoping for a miracle draw (Heart of the cards, much?)
Another flaw in this is the ever present fact that MOST RL Yu-Gi-Oh duelists know how to counter Exodia about 20 different ways, since Exodia decks are such a common sight.


So, What do you guys think? Test it out if you want, and let me know how you rate it's effectivenes!

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User Info: Pandaren Emperor

Pandaren Emperor
7 years ago#2
cough cough, sorry, a bit cold in here
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