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User Info: gruggnok

9 years ago#1
so is this like call of duty? is it multiplayer? (not xbox live or system link) does it have good

User Info: Fig455

9 years ago#2
Not much like CoD, it is multi and Single player. and it is a very solid XBOX live game.

User Info: CaneKev

9 years ago#3
This is set up similar to the Battlefield series on PC and the Star Wars Battlefront games on XBox - matches are conquest style, in which you capture command posts while eliminating enemies. Great multiplayer game for XBox Live.

User Info: Jeff_2121

9 years ago#4
Do people still play online?
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User Info: CaneKev

9 years ago#5
Yes, this is consistently in the top five online games for the original XBox.

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