hot springwater sidequest

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User Info: mbf81

9 years ago#1
hi guyz/galz, i can't seem to figure out how to deliver the hot spring water to the goron outside the east gate of hyrule town. one thing for sure, i know i need a container (bottle), but it always runs cold no matter what i do :( am currently on the way to retrieve the 4th mirror shard which is in the "sky".

User Info: Uzi336

9 years ago#2
Actually you don't need a bottle lol. You have the bridge fixed right? Then talk to the goron outside the malo mart in kakariko and agree to do deliver the springwater. He'll give you a whole barrel full of it, just go throw the barrel at the appropriate goron. (make sure you don't get hit along the way or you'll drop it!)
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User Info: mbf81

9 years ago#3
hmmm, thats strange, cause when i talked to the old goron outside the mart in the village after finishing the first donation he just asked me to go and help out the young goron in hyrule town. i tried talking to him again after talking to the young goron and his father outside the east gate but he just says the same thing and gives me nothing!? did i mess something up? should've i finished this sidequest before finishing the first donation of 1k rupees?

User Info: Ninkobra

9 years ago#4
Let me see if I understand this correctly:

- You finished the first 1k rupee donation on Malo Mart.
- The old Goron in front of Malo Mart told you to help the Goron by the recently repaired bridge.
- You talked to the Goron in the bridge.
- You got nothing.

Didn't the old Goron give you a huge barrel of springwater, set you on Hyrule Field, and told you to throw that barrel at the other Goron? That's what you should've done.

Did you already do the other 2k Rupee donation? I never did it myself, since doing this sidequest drops the amount to 200 (which I always did), but perhaps that may be a factor.
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