How do you collect golden bugs?

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  3. How do you collect golden bugs?

User Info: kuiper_pkmn

8 years ago#1
I have collected zero golden bugs, and I found near the south part of Lake Hylia what I think is a golden bug. I find it at night, it's like a hovering lanturn that charges me, but it seems impervious to all my attacks. Is this a golden bug, and if so, how do I collect it?

Like, are golden bugs like gold skultulas in Ocarina of Time? As in, do you kill them first and then collect something? Or do you use a bottle? I'd really like a clear, explicit explanation of what golden bugs are and how to catch them. The FAQs don't really help, they just say "go here and collect this golden bug with your boomerang." Doesn't tell me what I need to know.

User Info: Samantha

8 years ago#2
Go near a golden bug and pick it up. It's very simple.
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User Info: CryBaby51

8 years ago#3
You'll know it's a golden bug by its golden glow, of course, but also you will hear a small chime-like noise when one is nearby. You can't attack or kill them - what you need to collect is the bug itself.

Sometimes the bug will be high up on a ledge or rock and that's why you'll have to use the boomerang or the clawshot to bring it closer. When it's in range, there will be a message at the bottom of the screen prompting you to grab it.
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User Info: tea__

8 years ago#4
you get the golden net by catching all the bugs, but careful cause if you don't have a gameboy advance connection, this can take a whole year =O

User Info: Jenna Tonta

Jenna Tonta
8 years ago#5
That thing that looks like a hovering lantern is not a golden bug. It's a Poe. You can only beat it as a wolf.
When you're close enough to a Golden Bug, you'll get an A button prompt that reads, "Pick Up". It's pretty simple.
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User Info: kingnahum17

8 years ago#6
sounds like you think that a poe is a golden bug.

For a poe, you need to be in wolf form and use your senses. Then pounce once or twice on the Thing (poe) that appears. Once it is on the ground press A to gather the soul.
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  3. How do you collect golden bugs?

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