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User Info: Jinn_Remona

8 years ago#1
Alright. I've been following the info provided in the many fishing sections, in the many TP guides here on Gamefaqs, and I still seem to be having trouble locating, let alone catching the Hylian Loach. So, I'll turn to the people here in the boards for some more info. Also, I'm using the Frog Lure, just so everyone knows, and so no one asks about it.

Now, does it matter what kind of boat you go fishing with? When I speak of which boat, I mean "Go out Alone" or "Take a Guide".

Second, If I attempt to land the Hylian Loach, and it gets away, is it going to be as stubborn to find again as it was in OoT, sitting somewhere for who knows how long? Would it be easier to just leave and reenter the Fishing Hole during attempts?

Thirdly, I know this is probably a stupid question, but could someone please describe some details about the Hylian Loach that would make it stand out, so I know what I'm looking for exactly in the water?

Lastly, Will the Hylian Loach move a good distance away from it's last known location after a failed attempt?

This is mainly all I could think of that might make finding and catching him easier on my part, but if you have any other info(Like how to use the Frog Lure exactly), then go ahead and throw that in too.

Anyway, Stay Classy.
~The Braindead Genius: Jinn Remona

User Info: CryBaby51

8 years ago#2
I can answer one of your questions (sorry about the rest).

Choose "Go Out Alone". You will need to use the sinking lure to catch the Loach and the sinking lure is forbidden. If Hena catches you with it, she will take it away.
Regards, Lisa Murphy
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User Info: kingnahum17

8 years ago#3
First of all, that answer is right^^

2. I think the easiest (maybe only) way to catch the Loach is when it surfaces for air. But considering the small window that leaves for catching this 'legend', will make it much harder. The fish makes a sound when it surfaces (what sound it is... I have no clue since I am not into fishing for anything, except junk such as the bottle). So instead of looking for this fish, why not listen for it, and when you hear a sound cast your rod in the direction that you are facing at the moment in an attempt to find it.

3. If you are really going to "Look for the Loach, then why not catch one and get it recorded in your fish notebook, THEN you'll know what to look for. You can find a bunch of Hylian Loaches in Kakariko's graveyard's fishing spot (the place where you get the Zora Armor). It is extremely easy to catch here, but to make it easier you can use the Coral Earring.

4. I think that it moves every time it goes back under water, but I'm not sure. There are apparently certain spots that it will show up at, so I guess it has a few "favorite" spots. Also, it surfaces every few minutes making it a lng time in between every time it breaks the water. So why not catch a couple fish in between each time you hear the sound and have yet another failed attemt (assuming it will take you a while to catch it =) ).


User Info: kingnahum17

8 years ago#4
Oh, and I forgot to mention that I thyink that I have seen it before, just failed to catch it since I did not have the Sinking Lure. I saw it in the middle of the pond by the rock formation.

It surfaced right by my boat, and did not seem to be scared at all. So don't be afraid to be looking right by your boat when you looking for it as well.

User Info: Al3Ox3

8 years ago#5
use the frog to catch it thats what i did sinking lure is not the only lure you can catch it with
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