Can you get fat?

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8 years ago#1
If you eat too much can you get fat?

User Info: Darth Mom

Darth Mom
8 years ago#2
*I* can, that's for sure. As for your character, I'm fairly sure that was not programmed into the game. Just a guess, though.
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User Info: ACL0V3R

8 years ago#3

Really man why do people who don't know anything about the game post on these boards?! I do know however because I play 27/7 lol and you can't because you can't eat anything besides fruit and it's just not in the game.

User Info: Yang2o9

8 years ago#4
Well, this is a board for questions, and this isn't specifically in an FAQ.
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User Info: mrcod4

8 years ago#5
Eat some big macs or bacconaters (however you spell it).
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User Info: connconn7

8 years ago#6

why would you want to be fat??? why would you want to look like your real life self?????

lol jk


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