New Super Mario Bros Questions

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User Info: cmramsey

8 years ago#1
How do you get cheat codes for new Super Mario Bros on how to fly unlimited, star power and unlimited time on missions? Thank you!

User Info: IAimToMisbehave

8 years ago#2
...There are no cheat codes.
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User Info: wkd777

8 years ago#3
does anyone know were the second coin is in world 6-a

User Info: trishalaws

8 years ago#4
It says in order to get to world 4 and 7 that you have to defeat the boss as mini mario but you cant kill anything as mini mario so whats the secret?

User Info: Sifon

8 years ago#5
you can kill stuff. do the ass drop

User Info: MuddyMaestro

8 years ago#6
There are a heck of a lot of secrets in the game, but not really push-button cheats. The only real push-button cheat would be to hold L and R when creating a new file to play as Luigi, but almost everyone knows that...
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