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User Info: TrueBlackDragon

7 years ago#1
Fellow Darkstalkers/Vampire series fans (or any other fighting game series for that matter) ,

I saw that "CECILnKane" made a topic on the PSP Darkstalkers boards inviting Darkstalkers players that had a PS3 to come play online. Judging by the underwhelming response he received I'm assuming that what he was referring to hasn't become common knowledge here yet. Let me elaborate:

Let's start a Darkstalkers Online Community here where all of us (remaining) Darkstalkers players can get together and play each other online, share tips, and have a good time. Please be kind enough to check your egos at the door. The objective is to welcome both new and veteran players alike, so let's establish a healthy community that is open to players of all levels. There are no achievements or win/loss ratios here to worry about, so lets be helpful to whatever Darkstalker players we can assemble rather than knock them down and discourage them from an already niche fighter (that desperately needs a sequel).

1.) Have a Playstation 3 system, a Playstation Portable system, and a copy of "Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower"
2.) Log on to the Playstation Network. Go to "Search by title", select the letter "A", and download the PS3 system application called "Adhoc Party" (IT"S FREE!). This application will allow you to use you Playstation 3 as a medium to play your PSP game's regular adhoc versus/multiplayer modes online! It was originally made for PSP Monster Hunter players to use, but now we can use this as a way to keep some oldschool fighters alive! (Street Fighter Alpha 3 anyone?)
3.) Make sure that your Playstation 3 system is connected to the internet using a "wired" connection (not the wireless signal).
4.) Open the "Adhoc Party" application on your Playstation 3. Select "Start" from the main menu, select the desired "World", and then "Room" that you would like to play in. *** (Please see the note at the bottom of this post)
5.) Make sure the wireless switch on your Playstation Portable is switched to the ON position. Then turn on your PSP system with Darkstatlkers in it, select "Network" from the main menu, and then select "Versus". Although you won't be notified, your PSP will use your PS3's wireless signal to sync with your PS3.
6.) Using the PS3 Adhoc Party Application, join a room or make one yourself. Get a friend to repeat the previous steps and there you go! You're ready to play some Darkstalkers online!

I'll be sure to post this around other fighting game boards to spread the word. This obviously doesn't have to be limited to just Darkstalkers. King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Powerstone, Guilty Gear, (and the list goes on) are all available on the PSP. I'm well aware that Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue, etc. all offer online, but this is a way for some of the older fighters to live on! Let's make this happen! Just use the above steps, and switch out Darkstalkers with your favorite PSP oldschool fighter of choice that has an Adhoc versus/co-op mode!

***Note: In in effort to gather some Darkstalkers players, Let's gather in "World D, Room 12" ("D" for Darkstalkers and "12" for how many letters are in "Darkstalkers". Cheesy, but it's easy to remember!)
I'll usually be there sometime around 7:00pm EST. Let's keep the Darkstalkers' torch burning, and hopefully pull in some new players!

User Info: starfox6492

7 years ago#2
i'd love to join, and i have a psp and darkstalkers choas tower, but my ps3 broke :<
PSN - silverfang6492

User Info: jasonthomasb

7 years ago#3
Sreetfighter alpha 3 max players are also welcome to come.

User Info: MasterShot2k5

7 years ago#4
Funny, it says infastructure on the box.
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User Info: RLAAMJR

7 years ago#5

I have darkstalkers game in my PSP but i don't have a ps3

User Info: ExcIusivity69

7 years ago#6
Hmmm, interesting.

I recently decided to try to get into the Darkstalkers series, and am currently planning on getting this game. I'd love to play online, I didn't know PSP games could do that. Um, does my PS3 have to use a wired connection? Is it really mandatory?

User Info: Anodyne11

7 years ago#7
I'm probably picking up a copy of this game or the powerstone complete collection soon so i may join in sometime.
and does it have to be wired? because i have to use the wireless connection for my PS3 :(
Final Fantasy XIV: Esthar Falcus - Trabia
Guild Wars: Duke Falcus

User Info: arstos

7 years ago#8
i would be down but my ps3 broke and i have a new baby soooo no ps3 anytime soon, i would like to play on xlink kai once i get that set up though. anyone use kai or just adhoc?

User Info: zirca

7 years ago#9
I have darkstalkers and many other online games for the PSP and I'm eager to get on ad hoc party and play. If anyone wants to play just add fetus138 on PSN
PSN: Fetus138 / XBL: Smelly Mctroll
wii: 4946-3126-5596-4818

User Info: CrzyNinFan

7 years ago#10
Just bought Darkstalkers Chronicle today off of the PSN, so I'll definitely look into this as I get better.
I'm a renewed Cr(a)zyNin(tendo)Fan ; Official Phoenix Wright of the MvC3 board
Now playing: BB:CS, MvC2, SSFIV
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