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User Info: RiceManDan

4 years ago#1
What does choosing forward or reverse do?

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#2
Just changes the party members order via the formation menu but most of the time I never use it.

Sure some boss fights are "forced" back attacks but during those forced battles I simply put Meredy and Keel in the front and Reid and Farah/Max in the back row via the formation menu.

Then once the boss fight starts Reid and Farah/Max will be in the front row and Keel and Meredy in the back.

User Info: Anema1986

4 years ago#3
reverse the order of characters, for example if you put the mages on the back and the fighters in front, if you press "reverse", they change formation in battle and the mages will be on front and the fighters on back (only the AI controlled characters
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