so much trouble on the last mission on hard

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  3. so much trouble on the last mission on hard

User Info: GtaMan69

9 years ago#11
Ya i was about to finish the mission, when....
I Got Stuck In A PIPE!!!!!!!!!
Now I have to run through the whole level again. I wont even try im too angry to be patient.

User Info: ferari575gtc

9 years ago#12
When i did the last mission on hard, i had killed everybody, but had no ammo or health left, and just had the bunker guy and the rpg guys left shooting at me, and i was running back and forth on the catwalk with no hope. So eventually i just said screw it, went springing across, picked up some random gun with 2 or 3 rounds left (some kind of revolver or something, i haven't played it in a while) and started firing wildly, like a madman, and sure enough, that whole side of the room blew up. mission accomplished!

Another time i got right up close to the bunker, killed the dude, and was wiped out by the ensuing explosion, that was a new degree of anger.
(Yes, I know "ferari" has 3 r's)

User Info: davee_p

9 years ago#13
Im ashamed to say... im stuck on this end bit on Easy difficulty...

User Info: VladTepes

9 years ago#14
Whew, that last room is a *****. Took me well over an hour.
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User Info: waterontheknee

9 years ago#15
I fly through this level until the machine gun nests open up.

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  3. so much trouble on the last mission on hard

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