Black 2 will own COD4

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User Info: mkadvocate

9 years ago#11
I would not really call COD a bad game. COD has always had great gameplay and amazing graphics. Having said that black has a killer ending stating that Lenex never really died. Still I dont think there is going to be a black 2.

User Info: zingtea

9 years ago#12
Criterion Games actually said that they aren't making a sequel for Black.

User Info: Heatherlover

9 years ago#13
I just play Black 1 in Hard its pretty frustrating
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User Info: Neo1O1

9 years ago#14
I thoroughly enjoyed Black from start to finish. It's easily amongst the best-looking PS2 games of all time. I played through it once more even when I first bought my PS3. If the original shined so brightly on PS2, I expect a visual tour-de-force from Black 2 on PS3 hardware & absolutely nothing less.

User Info: Hawk45

9 years ago#15
Burst mode sucks, actually.

Single shot is good for long range. But can be a problem when faced with close range.

Full-auto will allow for single shots for long range, or bursts for close range, too.

I never had a problem with using full-auto, because you can use it any way you wish,
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User Info: MrJoshsupra

9 years ago#16
wikipedia already stated that there will be NO black 2

User Info: dragonball1957

9 years ago#17
if u want something that Feels close to black u should play the Battlefield Bad Company demo.

the sounds ARE AMAZING!!! best in any FPS!! destructible !! particle effects look amazing.

i hope BLACK 2 uses this engine (FROST BITE)

User Info: kikkerlikker

9 years ago#18
I played the BF:BC demo, and it's cute with all that (halfassed at that) destruction, but it has none of the in-your-face gunporn that Black 1 had. Same goes for COD4, altho I liked that because of it's rush-like gameplay. Gimme Black 2!
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