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User Info: OverlordDeath

7 years ago#1
I'm on the last mission, Hard mode. I get to the final room, and take out a few enemies from within the tunnel.

However, there was one I wasn't expecting so I retreated back into the tunnel, prob is...apparently I went too far into the room, so as I was retreating, the tunnel door closed.

Now here's the thing, I'm inside the tunnel, both ends blocked off by a door...anything to do about this glitch besides restarting. I can't kill myself grenades/RPG.
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User Info: pyber80

7 years ago#2
At that point the only thing you can do is reset. Also, as a side note, if you don't use up any of your rockets and conserve your SAW ammo on the way down you can get that last room done without leaving the tunnel. It takes a fair bit of patience but its quite doable.

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