Won Hard Mode. I guess I like the game.

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User Info: JoveHack

5 years ago#1
Managed to beat Hard Mode. The only really tough part was the final room of the final level, Mission 8: Spetriniv Gulag.

I guess I like it. Just as with Resident Evil 4 I just keep playing and replaying, using any excuse to have another run through.


- I'm not sure the suppressors (silencers) make any difference in enemy reaction or damage, but they usually got used if only for style.

- The M249 is great for sniping at a distance.
- The Magnum may be the best sniping weapon.

- The shotguns just aren't that great. I watched one Let's Play where the shotgun got used a lot. If he hadn't been playing on Easy I don't think he'd have made it.

Hard mode was doable up until the final room of the Gulag. Read the FAQ, watched some walkthroughs, tried some approaches. Here's what worked.

- Save ammo for the M249.
- Ditto for the Magnum.
- Brought the MP5 and a Magnum to the final level.
-- The M249 can be picked up after much sniping with the Magnum.

As implied above, the early part is sniping with the Magnum from the tunnel. The Magnum's ability to get quick kills makes sniping a lot less tedious.

Play this part with lots and lots of patience. Keep sniping. If no one shows up, wait for a bit, go to the tunnel entrance, go back to the M249, back to the front, etc. Do anything and everything to give enemies every chance to spawn and come up to be shot.

A couple of times I had to notice enemies stationary in the background. Scan around and wait for the aimpoint to turn red.

Finally, when out of enemies and/or Magnum ammo, go drop the Magnum for the M249. Other Magnums will show up. The MP5 is still a good emergency weapon.

Run in and go up the stairs to the left, and into the left hand room.

- Look out the room ready to toss a grenade when the shield or shotgun guys show up. Keep an eye on the heads of both stairs to minimize surprise.

- If no one comes upstairs to crash the party, sneak looks to the catwalk at the other end of the room, always prepared for a sneak attack from behind.

This got a little funny, as in very few surprises. I think the enemies know where you're looking and don't show up if you're prepared for them.

It was either snipe across with the M249, deal with upstairs intruders with grenades and M249, or go half down the stairs to tempt fate.

With good starting health, and a little luck, it should be possible to handle all the downstairs spawns ending up with good health, and plenty of health packs below.

Got to the end game in great shape. I'd knocked out a lot of the glass for easier viewing (Black Intel says this will distract enemies. Maybe it did.)

Ended up doing a lot of sliding side to side while sniping, just as the enemies were doing a lot of. Since that made life difficult for me I thought maybe it would make life difficult for them.

Ended up by the right hand room when facing the active turrets/bunkers. All of the RPG guys on the opposite catwalk charged down its length toward me.

Just backed down the stairs a bit, and fired with quick taps for rapid, effective fire that didn't go off target due to recoil, which proved devastatingly effective. I'm not sure if this somehow glitched the recoil animations, or if the gun would be really effective with a two-round burst feature.

The RPGers went down no trouble. Sniped with patience. When the bunkers blew up it was almost too easy. Waited, looked around, waited some more. Threw a couple of grenades on general principles, then snuck downstairs. Looked around some more.

All clear. Walked out with plenty of health, ammo, and grenades.

I guess it's all in the right approach.
Jove the Sleep Depraved

User Info: raymanfan1

5 years ago#2
Black Ops mode?
Do others before they do you.

User Info: JoveHack

5 years ago#3
raymanfan1 posted...
Black Ops mode?

Working on the Naszran town level right now. The silver M1A2 makes a huge difference.

What exactly gets unlocked by beating Black Ops mode?
Jove the Sleep Depraved

User Info: JPController

5 years ago#4
Underslung grenade launcher.
"If it weren't for the Q division, you'd be dead long ago."

User Info: JoveHack

5 years ago#5
JPController posted...
Underslung grenade launcher.

On the M16-A2? Didn't I already get that by beating Hard mode?

Playing on Black Ops mode gets to be a bit much, having to get 100% on everything that was there before, and new stuff that's sometimes tough to find.

So I've also been spending time with a couple of other profiles. One was to practice for the final level in Hard mode. Didn't work out as well as I'd like. Got pretty good at aiming and moving, but in a crisis the game slows down (frame rate chugs), and my finely honed reflexes don't work any more.

Got the second profile to Spetriniv Gulag on Hard, and can not beat it again. That final room still kicks me all around. Can't even get close.

So started another profile yet. Played through on Normal. Three health packs is plenty enough spare healing, for me at least. Got to the final room and worked some more on the technique. Snipe from the tunnel with a Magnum.

When enemies stop coming out, shoot all the explosive barrels, and the explosive yellow boxes on the far right. That will lure out more.

A couple of enemies will be barely head up above the near crosswalk/bridge. Just barely possible to snipe them both without leaving the tunnel. Turns out it's better to throw a grenade up there on each side, aiming for the entrances to the little side rooms.

I think a pair of enemies spawn there on both sides, a magnum/shield guy(?), and definitely a shotgun guy. Then a couple of magnum/shield guys will spawn by the entrances to the downstairs side rooms. The one on the right can be sniped. The one on the left can have his shield shot away, but he himself can't be hit. Next time I'll try getting a grenade to him after shooting the shield away.

I've finally found a couple of things to get excited about finding. The magnum and magnum ammo, and grenades. Started exploring a bit more around the docks, and found some side paths with grenades. Blew open a door I'd never tried before. Found a snipers rifle.

That's four sniper's rifles on that level alone. Which brings up a technical issue. It's not possible to exchange an empty weapon for an identical weapon on the ground. You've got to have two different weapons. Otherwise you're leaving 15 unused sniper rounds in those other three rifles. Since you can't salvage the ammo from them any other way.

That one rifle on the overhead covered crosswalk before the final area was really annoying. I already had a rifle. So couldn't pick it up. Can't return to a previous area to grab a different weapon. The sentry up there didn't seem to drop a weapon. Leaving the area forward was one way, with damaged stairs you could jump down, but not climb back up. One of those Rookie Traps you've got to learn about the hard way.
Jove the Sleep Depraved
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