RPG Ammo Infinite Respawn in Spetriniv Gulag

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User Info: JoveHack

5 years ago#1
Found this searching the web.
Black: Spetriniv Gulag: Unlimited grenades for Xbox

Spetriniv Gulag: Unlimited grenades

ordermember wrote on Aug 13, 2008,
Wait until the door closes then turn to the right. Run straight to the staircase on the right-hand side. At the top of this staircase is a small room with a box of grenades. If you pick up this box and use all the grenades that you were given, it will reappear instantly. This can repeated as many times as desired by tossing grenades all over the room. The only enemies you will have to worry about are the ones on the top railing.

I guess that's talking about the final room. Wanted to test that, and was playing through the game on Hard in a new profile. Found some infinitely respawning RPG ammo.

It's at the false wall you have to use explosives to get through. In the final open jail cell on the right, just before the barely-breakable wall, there's an RPG and three RPG reloads. If you shoot off all the RPG ammo, including the round in the launcher, the RPG reloads in the cell respawn.

This came in handy a little farther along, with the large room with the mechanical columns and the seemingly endless shotgun and shield enemies.

All it took was the patience to keep trundling back for more RPG rockets. And avoid being surprised by the many enemies that would follow me almost all the way back to the rocket re-supply.

That meant I was much more ready for the final room, with that much less stress in the middle of the level.

I got to the final room with 60 Magnum rounds, full health, max M249 ammo, 9 grenades, and a Magnum. Really worked on the snipe from the tunnel trick.

- Sniping with the Magnum is the way to go. Things go much more quickly.
- Detonating all the explodables when enemies stop showing up is important.
- Some of the submachine-gunners on the far raised catwalk will stand in front of the dark areas on the wall, almost invisible. Try a few shots on there if things get quiet.
- Also shoot the safe on the left on the catwalk to help flush out guards up there.
- Saw a shotgun soldier run from one of the downstairs spawn rooms to the middle of the back of the room. Threw a grenade with a high arc to flush him out. That got things going again.
- A couple of grenades thrown to the entrances to the upstairs spawn rooms did good work, judging by the screams.

That got me to the point where the RPGers appeared on the back catwalk.
Important: Snipe them from the front of the tunnel. Back up immediately you hear them fire. The angle there means you'll avoid damage from the explosion.

If you snipe from as far back as possible, the angle of the RPG will carry it much farther down the tunnel, making it much tougher to completely escape. Although you might try dodging forward, in that case. But since the RPGs seemed to be aimed at your feet I don't like your chances.

Once the gunners appeared in the bunkers, I was down to 2 bars of health, but still had a few Magnum rounds, and all the M249 and MP5 ammo. Sniping the bunkers was easy. Fire a round and listen for the sound of it hitting flesh.

Luckily, one of the bunkers was still obscured by a column, while the other had a clear shot for sniping. Was able to take them down one at a time, with patience.

After the bunkers detonated there were still enemy shouts. So I knew it hadn't gone perfectly. There were a couple of visible health kits in easy reach. Ran forward to get them, and saw a trail of more health kits to the right hand (former) bunker. Just ran on out.

Took some hits, from a magnum I think, but no real problem after getting the first health kit.

So I never did get upstairs to test the respawning grenades. Maybe next time.
Jove the Sleep Depraved

User Info: JoveHack

5 years ago#2
Tested the respawning grenades in the upper right nook in the final room of Spetriniv Gulag. The trick works, but you have to be completely out of grenades before they'll respawn.

Since you can safely have the area in view while throwing the final grenade, it's possible to see the grenade crate pop back into existence then.

If the infinitely respawning RPG ammo is to make sure the player gets through the wall, then the infinitely respawning grenades is to help the player destroy all the destruction items in the final room.

The two together take a lot of the stress out of the level when playing on hard without silver weapons.

After clearing almost everyone, including the upper RPGers and the machine gunners in the bunkers, it was a relief to grab the three genades in front of the tunnel (along with a health kit dropped there by an aggressive smg'er), use them to clear the stairs and room on the right. Then go in and start continuously throwing grenades.

I don't know why, but I'd always gone up to the left hand room to start with. And even with infinite grenades my own poor throws would sometimes nearly kill me.

It's a shame there's no way to turn off Silver weapons after unlocking them. It's like the game wants you to have to constantly start new profiles.

In the meantime, I've also finished Black Ops mode on a profile. It said it unlocked the M1A2. I guess that was for Easy Mode. Doesn't make much sense, but tests seem to bear that out.
Jove the Sleep Depraved
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