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User Info: JoveHack

5 years ago#1
I still can't quite let the game go. Currently playing through God of War II, and every so often I get fed up with brawling and want to shoot something from a distance.

Veblensk City Street I can do no problem with the starting pistol, shotgun, grenades, and RPG. I don't like the Uzi. So skipping it's no problem. The pistol is powerful enough at these short distances that I can do without the AK-47, too.

Treneska Border Crossing is a different story. Not only is the pistol ammo rather limited, but the lack of power at range really limits what I can do.

It's much more difficult to detonate red boxes and vehicle fuel tanks with the Glock. Impossible in many cases at the distances where it would be most useful.

So I settled for just using the AK-47 on single shot. Not even burst fire allowed. This isn't that much of a handicap, as I'd already found single shot to be much more effective at putting rounds on target. Burst and full auto are mostly good for shooting up the landscape.

I got a lot more aware of grenade pre-sets, and using the shotgun. The shotgun seems to have way more ammo available than it's possible to use, anyway. Took some damage, but that wasn't a real problem even on Hard mode.

I'm not sure what to do on Naszran Town. I guess not use an AK-47 at all, even though I really don't like the starting SMG. On the other hand, the Walther 2000 and the M203 get a major workout there, along with grenades and the RPG.

Any ideas for the other levels? I'm not too hot on speed runs.
Jove the Sleep Depraved
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