How to get going as a mage.

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User Info: Adannos

8 years ago#1
Can anyone give me some tips on how to start playing a mage? With melee/ranged it's easy, you put points and in strength/hunting skill and you can kill easily from beggining, but how do you do it if you go mage?
I can't use better weapons, mana is really low, no regeneration, so...? I found it a lot easier playing a mage in gothic 1 and 2 then in this one, altough I heard it's becoming really powerful from some point...
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User Info: dermoratraken

8 years ago#2
I suffered the first two towns as melee. Got about 100 more mana, then started pumping knowledge. Hit all the alchemy books so you can make mana pots. It's a real pain, but you will definitely notice the difference as you level up. Regen mana plus one shot fireballs are awesome.

User Info: vick1000

8 years ago#3
[MINOR SPOILERS] Just in case...

Put your points in Ancient Knowledge, it increases the damage you do with spells. Also get Learn Quickly as soon as you can (Fire Mage in Reddock teaches it), so you get that extra learning point every level.

I usually start out as a archer/hunter type, using basic bows and arrows and only investing enough in hunting skill to get the trophy skills. That way you will have money to finance what ever build you choose, and bows have a major advantage against most any target (skeletons are immune though). You can ususally find a place to snipe from where melee enemies can't reach you. Then you can learn a few basic spells to deal with skeletons (Ice Lance from the Druid near Montera).

Go to Geldern and buy up all the tablets from the merchants there, use them of course. Then head to the desert, there are lots of tablets in the ruins around the temples. Saturas is there to teach you whatever you need to know.

Good starting spells are Ice Lance (hold the mouse button to fully charge your spells), Ice Lance after fully charged, will stop most enemies (normal size) in there tracks, then follow up with a quick Fireball or Lightning to finish the frozen target. Or freeze the next target, until all are frozen, then zap them or melt them. Or you can just wait for them to thaw out and freeze them again. You can even run up to them if you are quick enough and smack 'em before they thaw.

Alchemy is good, becuase you will need lots of mana potions until you get Mana Regeneration from Saturas (even then you will still want a lot for the powerful spells later on.

Open locks is very useful, since for the cost of learning the spell allows you to open any chest, which will get you lots of goodies.

Bloodlust is an extremely entertaining spell, and useful to complete certain quest with out getting you into trouble with the city gaurds.

Sleep is useful as well (getting past those annoying gaurds, etc...), as is Amnesia.

After you get Mana Regeneration, start pumping points into your max mana, it increases the effect of regeneration and potions, since they are percentage based. Save all your King's Sorrels and Flame Berries for Concentration Potions, you can eat or sell the other stat boosting plants right away.

Once you decide on your path (what to do with the 5 artifacts), you can get the most powerful spells in the game, and become a most destructive force.

I personally like Beliars path, because he wants you to kill everybody and you get Summon Lightning with Army of Darkness. Summon your undead army and while your enemies are busy with them, you can rain bolts down on them without hurting your minions.

My last build had over 300 Ancient Knowledge and 500 mana, casting bolt after bolt of Summon Lightning on your enemies, is quite satisfying.

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User Info: Gediminas20

8 years ago#4

i pwned reddock at the beggining , wherei got the quest from cap dun orc leader, besides that mage in reddock with got owned, where else i can learn "learn quickly" skill ? :D

User Info: gameduck2

8 years ago#5
My approach playing a mage is a little different.

At the beginning my mage use mainly the sharpen spear which is good enough for at least 3 first locations ( Ardea, Reddock and Cape Dun) then slowly switching to staff. Also from the start, forget about learning AK but learn ALL the gold producing skills such as skinning beasts, getting teeth, claws, open difficult locks and rescueing the locksmith Kliff early to get a free skill making "broadsword" to sell (225 gold). Make use of a good bow also helps a lot.

From now on, start to add AK, mana, some endurance and health and your mage is ready for the world.

It helps if you have completed the other roles since you know by then what is going on in the game.
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